The 21st century has compelled the human race to live in such a world where everyone is online all the time. While some just pass their time, others take advantage of it. As a businessperson, it would be way easier for you to reach out to your customers on the internet.

While surrounded by technology and digital world 24/7, marketers are continually besieged with out-of-the-box ideas, innovative technologies, and new platforms. Though still worthwhile, businesses today cannot depend on traditional marketing alone. There is an entirely new and unexplored world of digital marketing that businesses need to navigate through.

Although working in a creative field is all fun and ecstatic, however, it brings some overwhelming responsibilities along as well. In digital marketing, there are certain challenges that every marketer has to face and conquer.

So, if you are starting up with digital marketing, you must be aware of significant challenges that would be coming your way. Here are top 10 challenges that are prevalent in the digital marketing industry.

Generating Traffic & Leads

Believe it or not, generating an adequate amount of traffic and appropriate leads is one of the most significant challenges for any marketer. With billions of websites present on the internet, it is becoming difficult to generate the demand for content.

And, with passing years and stiffened competition, this challenge will take a ruthless turn. On the top of that, with several platforms to publish the content, it has become even difficult to understand which platform would be the best to invest maximum time and efforts.

Therefore, generating quality content and promoting it well-enough so the audience takes notice is not a child’s game. Since the ultimate aim is to create a buzz, it takes a lot more time than anticipated.

Consistent Branding Creation


Without continuous branding, it is not only difficult but quite impossible for any brand to survive online. And, if you are a startup, then it would be nothing but a miracle to make sales without branding. So, here comes another challenge for a marketer.

Since branding is highly important, you may only intend to create a relevant and recognizable brand. But, in a world, where customers are being smacked with branding messages every single day, do you think it will be easier to make yourself audible? Of course, not!

So, if your business will be devoid of consistent branding, it will end up being another faceless name in the sea of advertisements. Therefore, you must pay attention to details and keep your branding similar across all platforms to reach out to a maximum number of people.

Dealing with Outrageous Clients


Sooner or later, every marketer has to deal with this problem. Most of the times, clients come forward and buy services, however, either they don’t want to make their presence felt, or they overindulge in every aspect of marketing.

While this type of behavior may workout in other domains, digital marketing is a bit different. It works two-way. Both the client’s and marketer’s outputs are important to bring out the best of results. Since no one knows about the business than the client, it will be difficult if he doesn’t want to take an initiative. And, since no one knows about marketing better than you, it will be difficult if the client would want to replace you.

So, make sure you make the terms and conditions clear before working with any client. Keep your expectations obvious and tell them what you envisage from them.

Return on Investment of Activities

With tools like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and more, measuring return on investment (ROI) of different digital marketing activities may seem an easy task, but in reality, it is not how it appears out to be.

There are several reasons that make assessing ROI a tough task, such as:

  • Different KPIs and metrics
  • The absence of comparable figures
  • The imperceptible result of certain activities
  • Unintended results
  • Lack of resources or time

Getting Enough Budget

Briefcase Full of Money

Not just in a particular region but securing an adequate amount of budget is a challenge that every marketer face, across the globe. Asking for a significant amount of budget seems easier said than done. More so, if you are dealing with a small-scale organization, then it becomes even difficult to take out a flexible marketing expense from them.

So, in return for a higher budget, you can always put ROI in front of your client. Accordingly, if an organization has seen higher ROI, it wouldn’t have any problem in increasing the budget as well. And then, having confident strategies makes the difference as well.

If you can assure the client maximum result in a given period of time, procuring a said budget will not be a laborious task for you anymore.

Handling the Website


There is no denying the fact that the entire idea of having a website is to make money even while you sleep. While the concept may seem fascinating, handling and managing a website is no small deal. Right from deriving traffic to converting leads, making sales, keeping customers satisfied and loyal, and much more, there are several things that come into the consideration.

And, when talking about website issues, they range from designing an alluring website to making it easy to navigate, creating quality content, and much more.

Most of the times, companies face this challenge because of either lack of time or staff. So, you can deal with this challenge by figuring out your requirements. Make the website SEO friendly and you can even hire freelancers to get the things done.

Staying Updated with Trends

Digital marketing has always been a dynamic domain. And, this is one aspect of this field that makes it even stimulating and gratifying niche to work in. However, the constant changes in trends and technology cannot go unnoticed.

They not only bring advantages with themselves but give a lot of drawbacks to marketers as well. While it is always rewarding to read an article or watch a video, most of the times, it is the lack of time that keeps you restricted.

Therefore, it becomes taxing for marketers to manage their work and be updated on what is happening in the industry. Having said that, it is always important to take out a few hours every week to enhance and improve your skills so that you can be more productive and bring out the best for your clients.

Discovering, Possessing & Training Workers

Digital marketing is a very profound topic. And, you cannot expect every other person to help you get the best results. Therefore, discovering, possessing, and training talent has always been a great challenge for every marketer.

With customer interaction being a substantial skill, you would have to find the best of people, who not only claim but are actually aware of different digital marketing skills. This way, you would even have to find such people who are always inclined to work with different types of companies and generate an adequate result for each one of them.

And then, even if you have found the appropriate talent, training them turns out to be another tough job. You would obviously want them to be competent and proficient so as to match the standard of your company, isn’t it?

Targeting International Audience

In the world of marketing, targeting is a major component. To be even more thorough and effective at targeting, marketers should discover their buyer persona so as to identify who they should be marketing to. So, when it comes to marketing internationally, not just figuring out the marketing ways become a challenge but optimizing the website for different countries is a problem as well.

Before taking any step, marketers would have to understand the marketing methodology of the international market. Of course, customer behavior is always different in different countries; therefore, you must be ready to tackle the challenges that are going to come your way through the international territory.

Since your visitors will be from different countries and would be speaking different languages, you would have to ensure that the content that you are going to generate should be appealing enough for every type of audience. Only then you can get desired results.

Better Customer Engagement

While there are a handful of marketers who focus on alluring new customers and put their efforts into converting them, there are some such as well who emphasize more on the existing customers. In both ways, marketers have to face a huge challenge.

Unless you don’t know how to strike a balance between new and existing customers, you may end up sticking in a pit. Undoubtedly, new customers are important, but it is the existing ones who bring more referrals and additional sales.

Therefore, you must make use of resources to engage customers. If you are facing any trouble, create a customer engagement plan, implement it, and stick to it. Make sure that you don’t forget either type of customer just to appeal one type.

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing is one of the most beneficial tactics to make the business thriving. However, if done in a wrong manner, it can bring a lot of obstacles as well. So, keep these challenges in mind, conquer them, and rule like a professional.

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