It is every photographer’s dream to make beautiful and interesting photos. More often than not, using a digital camera just won’t cut it. As a photographer, you have to look for other ways to enhance your photos. This is where premium Photoshop overlays come in.

For every great artist, there is a great set and tools next to him.  Photoshop overlays are designed to take your photography to the next level. You get to brush up on the texture and enhance the quality of your photographs. This is guaranteed to not only impress yourself, but also your clients.

The days are long gone when photographers would spend hours in a dark room editing photos. No matter how many editing techniques are out there, Photoshop overlays still remain the best. By now, you have heard of Photoshop.

It remains as one of the most popular and powerful image editing software. We use this platform to create better image quality. Moreover, Photoshop has extensive range of features not readily available on most photo editing software.

By using magnificent overlays, you can easily transform ordinary photos into art. This can be done by adding glimmer, light flares or any other essential actions. Within just a few clicks, you can create beautiful pieces by using premium Photoshop overlays. This is why we recommend this 1300+ magnificent overlays bundle.

Overlays Bundle

Most overlays may not give you that natural feel when you look at a photo. We have used others which simply didn’t work with most photo editors.  The good news is, this magnificent overlay bundle is of great quality and it works so well. It offers a wide range of overlays and all that you will need to get the most out of your photos.

How It Works

The 1300+ overlays bundle is a pack, with a collection of premium and high quality overlays. It offers an ease of use, something you don’t get with many overlays bundles. Moreover, you can use the overlay pack with any photo editor, not just Photoshop.
These overlays can get you any result you want.

You only need to mount them on our pictures to get a totally different look. Whether its petals, raindrops, feathers, leaves or snowflakes, this magnificent overlay bundle has it all.

What’s included in This Overlays Bundle

  • 10 Ladybugs
  • 20 Autumn Leaves
  • 20 Red Rose Petals
  • 40 Red And Pink Petals
  • 20 Black Rose Petals
  • 20 Bees
  • 20 Bees Dark Version
  • 50 Feathers
  • 91 Sky
  • 10 Electricity
  • 17 Golden Bokeh
  • 17 Ice Bokeh
  • 20 Confetti
  • 50 Floating Hearts
  • 25 Green Granules
  • 40 Golden Granules
  • 20 Red Granules
  • 40 Rainy Granules
  • 40 Golden Lights
  • 116 Light Leaks
  • 100 Light Leaks
  • 150 Light Leaks
  • 23 Liquid Paint
  • 19 Nuclear Energy
  • 20 Rainbow Magic
  • 20 Rainbow Strokes
  • 30 Deep Space
  • 30 Web Waves
  • 30 Brilliance Waves
  • 10 Rainbow Pixie Dust
  • 20 Silky Waves
  • 20 Evil Entity
  • 20 Fire Sparkles
  • 20 Energy Waves
  • 30 Glossy Waves
  • 20 Colors
  • 20 Galaxy
  • 20 Color Spirals
  • 20 Furry Lights
  • 20 Elegant Energy

Why you’ll Love It

There are numerous reasons why you will love the 1300+ magnificent overlays bundles. Here are a few benefits you will get from using our amazing premium Photoshop overlays.

Overlays Bundle - Bees

Saves You Time

You don’t need to walk around taking millions of photos anymore, just to capture the moment. With this bundle, you can choose from textures which are readily available online. This saves you time which you can use for other photography related activities.


Our Photoshop overlays are versatile, hence cuts the limits of your creativity and imagination. You get ready to use designs and textures, which enhance your photos in just once click. It can be incredibly tasking to choose from so many different overlays out there.

Overlays Bundle - Ladybugs

With our magnificent bundle, you get so many designs to work with, cutting out the need for more overlays. Additionally, the variety you get with the bundle will give your projects a fresh look each time.

Ease of Work

Taking photos is not the tasking bit. The hard part comes in when you have to sit down and edit the photos to make them look professional. With our magnificent overlays bundle, you can add value to your creative designs so easily. You will realize that this bundle will make your projects different and unique from all others.

Easy To Use

You can use your overlays on any software or photo editor. This is because they come in both png and jpeg file formats, allowing for easy and swift application.

As long as the software you are using allows you to work in layers, you can use our magnificent overlays.
Helps You Make Quick and Better Decisions

Our premium overlays will come in handy when you want to show different options to your clients. You can display our overlays to your clients, giving them a good range to choose from.


Looking for a great overlay bundle at an amazing price? Why don’t you try different effects of our premium Photoshop overlays on your photos? We have some great deals that you don’t want to miss out on. You can rest assured that the results will blow your mind away every time.

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