In today’s world, if you have any kind of business, it is a must to have a website. If you don’t have a presence online, you will probably lose on many opportunities to grow your business. I just said that because there are so many powerful online business tools that can help you make profits within less amount of efforts.

For all those business-owners, who have or are willing to have a website, I have a list 20 best online business tools they must use for the growth of their business. Using these tools can help them to automate various business tasks and invest their resources wisely.

1. WebCEO: Online SEO ToolsOnline Business Tools

WebCEO is first on our list of the best tools for online businesses. It includes over 15 online SEO tools that can help you rank higher in Google and other leading search engines. This is an excellent website optimization tool, with the help of which you can implement your SEO strategies easily. Its various features like DIY SEO checklist, keyword finder, and customized SEO reports will save your time and let you use your resources more efficiently.


  • 15 SEO Tools
  • Backlink Auditing
  • SEO Lead Generation
  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Customized SEO Reports

2. ScrapeBox
Online Business Tools

This is one of the most popular online business tools which are trusted by leading SEO firms and internet marketers. ScrapeBox can automate a wide range of SEO management tasks, such as link building, generating leads, and scraping URLs. It is an essential online business tool that can help you in harvesting URLs from search engines and strengthen your online business SEO-wise. Features of ScrapeBox include keyword scraper, proxy harvester, and URL scraper, which make it an important online business tool that you must use.


  • Keyword Scraper
  • Email List Generator
  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Link Building Tools

3. UncodeOnline Business Tools

If you want your website to look visually appealing, Uncode is the online business tool that you can rely on. It gives you the complete control of what goes where on your business website and lets it convert your visitors into your customers easily. With the help of its tailored visual composer, you can create the website you had visualized without having any knowledge about coding or programming. This online business management tool lets you integrate your business website with external web pages with the content that is relevant to your business.


  • Content Block
  • 40+ Visual Add-ons
  • Advanced Grid System
  • Tailored Visual Composer

4. VismeOnline Business Tools

Visme is that online business tool, which all the online business owners must benefit from for the growth of their business. Especially for e-Commerce business owners, this online business plan tool can prove to be highly beneficial as it can help you to implement your online promotional strategies. Visme allows you to create and design flyers, posters, presentations, graphs, infographics, and banners to promote interesting deals and attractive offers to reach more customers. It provides more than 500 templates and themes for you to design creative posters and generate more leads.


  • Suitable for Both Online and Offline Use
  • 500+ Templates, Themes, and Colors
  • 120+ Fonts
  • Drag and Drop Editor

5. LinkodyOnline Business Tools

Linkody is one of the most popular SEO tools that can act as a highly beneficial online business tool. Its unique features such as competitor analysis, link building features, and other SEO tools make is a unique online business tool. It can keep a track of harmful backlinks and protect your online business from potential threats. It can also notify you of losing or gaining backlinks. Linkody is an essential online business tool, which can gather links and data from leading sources including Moz and Google Analytics.


  • Tracks Competitors’ Best Links
  • Notifications When Your Competitors Gain Links
  • Manages Linkbuilding Campaigns
  • Deep Link Audits

6. MotoCMSOnline Business Tools

MotoCMS is one of the most important online business tools that will help you to create an amazing business website without having to spend a fortune. You need no knowledge about web-designing or programming when you are using this online business management tool. Its website creator is extremely easy to use and its user-friendly admin panel makes available some creative templates for you to build an attractive website. With wonderful features such as popups, countdown timers, and progress bar, this online business tool can help you to build an attractive business website.


  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Tech Support
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Attractive Logo Designs

MotoCMS is gaining popularity among business owners as a versatile online business tool due to its logo design templates. It provides a number of logo designs for you to choose a relevant design for your business. Such diverse range of features makes MotoCMS an essential online business tool for the growth of your business.

7. NightwatchOnline Business Tools

Owing to its excellent SEO management features, Nightwatch can prove to be an essential online business management tool for you. Innovative features of this online business tool include a backlinks monitor, backlink building, advanced visualization, and automatic keyword discovery. With the help customizable, drag and drop SEO report, this online business management tool can help you to improve the ranking of your website on search engines.


  • Advanced Visualization
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Customizable Reports
  • Smart Notifications

8. WP Legal PagesOnline Business Tools

This is an extremely essential online business tool that can protect your online business from any kind of legal problems. By providing you with over 24 templates of necessary legal policies including Linking Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and COPPA, WP Legal Pages can strengthen the legal aspect of your business website.


  • Forced Agreement Option
  • 24+ Templates
  • Affiliate Disclosure Addition
  • Customizable Policies


9. HumCommerceOnline Business Tools

HumCommerce can help your online business greatly with its amazing analytical features and prove to be an excellent online business tool. It can produce a heat map, which notifies you about specific parts of your website that are gaining popularity among your customers. This online business tool can monitor user activity on your website and provide you with actionable insights to convert your visitors into your customers.


  • Tracks Visitors’ Activities
  • Form Analytics
  • Search Engine Insights
  • Sales Performance Analytics

10. SurveyFunnelOnline Business Tools

As its name suggests, this online business tool will help you to create some interesting surveys, which will help you understand the exact needs of your customers. It can automate various surveys for you and collect valuable data and insights for the growth of your business. You can also take feedback from your visitors on their needs and opinions using this online business management tool.


  • Full Customer Support
  • Customizable Forms
  • Lead Generation Analytics
  • Call-to-action Overlay

11. CodesterOnline Business Tools

Using this online business tool, you can boost the growth of your small business by making the processes of buying and selling assets much simpler. This online small business tool offers the lowest price guarantee and no transaction charges. Apart from all its attractive features, 70% commission rate makes it one of the most popular online small business tool.


  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 5000+ Templates
  • Themes and Plugins
  • 4 Free Downloadable Items Each Week
  • 70% Commission Rate

12. InvoiceBerryOnline Business Tools

InvoiceBerry is an invoicing software that can be more beneficial for small businesses and freelancers. This online small business tool can monitor your finances and automatically create invoices according to the scheduled time. InvoiceBerry Online Invoicing feature of this online business tool connects your financial records with various online payment gateways.


  • Connects to PayPal, Stripe, and WePay
  • Schedules Recurring Invoices
  • 30-Days Free Trial Without Credit Card
  • Create and Manage Invoices, Credit Notes, and Expenses

13. Host-trackerOnline Business Tools

Host-tracker is a very useful website monitoring tool that can automate a wide range of website maintenance tasks for you. It can perform simple tasks, such as checking whether your web page is live and critical business-level tasks, such as testing databases and scheduling website maintenance. This is one of the most essential online business tools that can keep tracking various maintenance-related operations on your business website. With its smart notifications feature, it can indicate expiration of domain certification as well as your website entering a DNS blacklist. Along with website maintenance tasks, this online business tool can take care of your Google AdWord Campaigns as well.


  • 24X7 Website Check
  • Notifies Through SMS, Email, or Skype
  • Response Time Monitoring
  • Google AdWord Management

14. Botsify
Online Business Tools

This online business plan tool can create a website chatbot as well as Facebook chatbots for you. These chatbots can communicate with your visitors and identify their exact needs to generate more leads. You can create a chatbot that has AI capabilities within less than 10 seconds. Botsify can implement intelligent query matching algorithm to communicate with your potential customers. By building a personalized demo for your online business, this online business plan tool can improve the chances of generating leads.


  • Creates Chatbots for Website, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa
  • Identifies Phrases and Questions Asked by Visitors
  • Intelligent Query Matching Algorithm
  • AI Capabilities

15. Renderforest
Online Business Tools

Renderforest in an important online business management tool that will support your business growth by making your marketing and promotional campaigns more creative. It is a cloud-based video maker, which provides more than 400 video templates to create advertisements and marketing promos according to your exact business needs. It also provides royalty-free images and music for your videos, which can make these videos even more unique and effective. This online business management tool also allows you to share these advertisements on social media so that you can target even bigger audience.


  • 400+ Video Templates
  • 115.000+ HQ Royalty-free Images
  • Licensed Music Clips
  • Ability to Share on Social Media

16. SEOPop
Online Business Tools

Another useful online small business tool, which provides a set of excellent SEO tools to improve the ranking of your website on leading search engines. It analyzes the visitors’ activity on your website closely and provides you with actionable insights. This is an analytical online business tool that performs a wide range of analytical tasks such as keyword analysis, visitors’ behavior analysis, and IP analysis. SEOPop has native APIs that can help web-developed to combine its features easily with other important applications.


  • Google AdWord Scraper
  • Visitors Analytics
  • Domain Analytics
  • Rank & Index Monitoring
  • Link Analytics
  • Code Minifier

17. BackupBreezeOnline Business Tools

One of the best features of this online business tool is that it can automate and schedule your backup and restore processes. Taking backups periodically is an important task that will prevent you from losing your valuable data. This online business management tool makes use of its innovative features such as file/directory selector, copy and move, and restore wizard, can save you from any internet-related emergency.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Auto Schedule Backups
  • File/Directory Select
  • Auto Restore from Backup

18. WP Exit PopupOnline Business Tools

WP Exit Popup is a useful online small business tool implements intelligent exit intent technology to introduce an exit popup when your visitors are about to leave the website. It smartly tracks the cursor movements and enables you to trigger a popup that can hold your visitors for a little longer on the page. It provides you a variety of creative templates, with help which you can introduce various offers, deals, surveys, or generate a subscribers’ list.


  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Customizable Popup Templates
  • Free Resources
  • Build E-mail Lists
  • Connects to Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp

19. KeywordXPOnline Business Tools

KeywordXP, as the name indicates, enables you to direct your keywords search by finding long-tail keywords relevant to your online business. It can also check the keywords or phrases of your choice and compare them with the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You can also refine your keyword research according to a location or a specific group of your target audience, with the help of this online business tool.


  • Runs on Windows and Mac
  • Domain-specific Searches
  • Free Useful Resources
  • Refine Keyword Search According to Specific Countries

20. EvergreenFeedOnline Business Tools

If you use Buffer for performing any of your business-related tasks, you must use this social media automation add-on as it is an essential online business tool for the rapid growth of your business. With its easy setup, you can connect your social media accounts via Buffer and automate scheduling your posts that go on social media. It saves hours of your precious time and shares evergreen content every week and increases the reach of your content by improving the frequency of social media posts.


  • Simple to Set Up
  • Free Accounts Available
  • Automates Social Media Posts
  • Access to Popular Social Media

These online business tools are a smart help for you to improve the comprehensive growth of your online business. For all those who have a business website, these tools can be great assets to enhance the online presence of your business and reach more customers. For those who are yet to build their business website, it’s never too late!

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