Social media can be a powerful marketing platform when used correctly. After all, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to friends if they had a positive social media experience. However, without the right approach generating high levels of social media engagement can be difficult to achieve – especially, if you have no experience.
To tilt the odds of success in your favor you must implement proven strategies that social media users will rally behind. You must understand the psyche of the social media users and how you can provide them with interesting content. In this article, you’ll have a blueprint of how to skyrocket your social media engagement rate.

1. Social proofing

The social media marketing game is all about engaging with your audience, which means you can ask for feedback and reviews. These can then be inserted into your social media posts and that will create a buzz around your brand if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
Social proofing shows to others that have come across the brand for the first time that there is a reason to trust this brand. It is human nature to follow the crowd and if the crowd is giving your brand a big thumbs up, then it will work in your favor.
However, don’t handpick the social proofing so that only positive comments are selected. Have a natural selection process so that the audience believe the validity of the social proofing.

2. Influencers

One of the biggest marketing trends in recent years is taking advantage of influencers to endorse your brand. For example, if you are in the headphone selling industry, then you could ask a popular reviewer of such products to complete a few reviews of your headphones.
The majority of consumers pay attention to influencers a lot more than the brands, because influencers can maintain a sense of impartiality. However, some influencers are given money and free products to provide these endorsements, but this doesn’t mean that they will be biased. Influencers are relatively inexpensive for the volume of exposure that they can provide for your brand on social media.

3. Repurpose content

As a marketer, you should be using a comprehensive content strategy to gain traction in the online environment. Therefore, content will be used for email newsletters and the website content, but that content can also be repurposed for social media marketing too.
For example, if you have written a well-received article that’s sitting on your blog, then take a segment of it and post it on your social media page. Include a link to the entire article on your website so that those who are interested can read the entire piece.
There are a number of different ways that content can be repurposed for social media – using this strategy you can create engaging content in a short period of time.

4. Tell a great story

Some of the best marketing material regardless of what platform it’s on tells a great story. Take a look at your business objectively and consider some of the great stories surrounding it. This could be an employee that recently had triplets or an individual in your company who went beyond the call of duty in order to win employee of the month.
Be creative with the variety of stories you provide and the social media engagement will rise. Stories related to your brand also help the end user connect with your company, which could lead to more sales.

5. Memes

A meme is a picture with a piece of text that typically creates a funny slant on the picture. These are highly popular in social media circles and have the ability to make a post go viral. With the large volume of memes online you’ll need to come up with something original. Try to focus on something that represents an event that took place in the last couple of days.
For instance, if there was a funny popular sporting play, then a meme can be created out of that to grab the attention of the social media audience. Furthermore, it makes sense if you’re able to create memes that are related to the industry your brand operates in.


The stakes are high with social media marketing, because getting it right means a flood of regular visitors to your sales page. However, if you get it wrong, then you could be overlooked as other brands establish themselves as being relevant in the modern age.
You could also run user-generated content events – so create polls, create contests and run a competition of the best-designed images. These are very popular and create social media buzz.
During the year of 2017 up to 67% of marketers were using Facebook, and as time goes by this figure is only going to increase. To not get left behind by the competition you must create a comprehensive methodology for social media engagement. We hope that the 5 tips above will steer you in the right direction.