WordPress is a great tool to communicate with your customers and create an engaging online atmosphere for them. However, sometimes developing a WordPress website with  a properly functional web environment can be a hustle. The problem is that there are hundreds of functions to develop a more comfortable interactions with you and your customers.

Apparently, people have thought about this and developed plugins to make the WordPress customer experience much easier. They can help you to develop useful functions without bothering to write them yourself. Indeed, why bother so much when there is a ready PHP template plugin out there.

Having said that, it is important to choose a proper one. But which ones are the best and most functional out of those. You need to consider everything, the pricing, convenience, reliability and much more than that. Here are 7 of them.

Everest Form

Everest Form is a plugin for contact section of a WordPress website. It is a drag-and-drop style app, which has multiple free and easy samples for you to develop. It also has some advanced samples that will allow you to make a more developed contact section.
The plugin gives you unlimited forms—some of which are pre-built in the program—and two layouts, default and classic. It is easy to use both by mobile devices and computers. Even if you are not an expert in WordPress, Everest Form will be easy for you to use.


WPForms is also a drag and drop style plugin, which is pretty handy to use for contacts section. Aside from contact forms, it allows you to create other customer interaction forms such as email subscription forms, polls or surveys. It gives you instant notifications whenever something important happens in your website, based on your preset preferences. You can integrate it with most other platforms to and get the most of its advantages.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a bit unorthodox as compared to the rest of the plugins mentioned above. Its biggest peculiarity is that it is designed to attract already leaving customers into your company and trying to maintain or get them back.
The plugin asks leaving customers to register their emails and then collects all of them in a database. You can later send appealing emails with those addresses and try to get them back. You can easily integrate Constant Contact with all of the other popular plugins. It is intuitive and easy to use.


LiveChat is a great plugin to use for websites with higher traffic. It offers specific programs and apps that can also fit your mobile devices. This means that you can use the program out of work in case you need it. It might be good to use for customer supports that work 24/7.
LiveChat can be integrated with most of the other WordPress plugins for added efficiency. It is considerably fast. Perhaps faster than any other customer support related platform on WordPress. It is intuitive both for desktop and mobile devices.


SendinBlue is a perfect plugin for beginners. It literally takes a minute to install and apply to your WordPress website. It offers live chat services and has some automation tools as well.
It works well with other third-party apps and in general gives you a simple, yet practical plugin. It is nice to use both for customers and for support representatives.


Using Chaport is especially beneficial for smaller businesses. The reason is that it offers the most essential features for free. You can use the plugin to have as many chats as you want. Up to 5 customer support agents can work simultaneously with this app.
The slight issue with this is that once the number of your customer increases, you might need to increase the number of workers, which, the free version will not support. Other than that, it can benefit your starting business a lot.


Newsletter is yet another excellent WordPress plugin, which is better for small or new businesses. It offers email communications services to increase your customers completely free. The best part is that it has ready to go translations on multiple languages.

If the basic package is not enough for you, you can easily add more options and get as creative as you wish. Newsletter is mobile friendly & offers a base of unlimited subscribers. It is very easy to install and intuitive to use.

These were the top 7 plugins for making your customer support experience much better. Customer support is an essential part of your business and can directly boost up your sales. You can also check out SMS Marketing strategies to make your business more prosperous.

SMS marketing software is one of the best tools to develop precious relationships with your customers. Basically, what it does is it sends promotional text messages to your customers with an affordable cost.
Phones are always with people and they tend to pay attention to text messages more than anything else on the phone. So, you can take advantage of this and send them information that will trigger their interest in your business.