Whether you own a startup or an established business, proper digital marketing is now an inevitable part of any business growth. Effective marketing on the internet requires you to use the right digital marketing tools. These tools benefit your business significantly, and according to statistics, you could boost your blog traffic by 2000% if you provide your readers valuable content. Let’s take a look at the seven best digital marketing tools that can significantly boost your online business marketing efforts.

Seven Digital Marketing Tools for Boosting Business’ Presence Online

1. A Proper Web Hosting Service

You must be thinking, “They never told me web hosting was a tool too.” You will be surprised to know how much the choice of your web hosting service affects your business growth online. Take a look at how Google ranks your business in online search results.

• A user performs a search.
• Google goes into its unfathomably deep directory for web pages.
• It finds the websites that are most relevant to the keyword that the user has entered.
• From those results, it narrows down the web pages that it considers “optimized.”
• One of the results it is about to show to the user is your website.
• It sees your website’s page loading speed and throws it out of its search results because that speed is awful.
• The user sees the results in which your website never appears.

Who is to blame? Believe it or not, your web host has a major role to play in how fast or slow your website loads. And, don’t make the mistake of passing this information on by saying, “Nah, Google does not rank pages like that.” Here is a screenshot from Google’s official blog.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 1

Image courtesy: Google

2. Images and Other Visual Content

The world has shown its love for visual content. It is a top priority for marketers today to make their content visual. Images, videos, and GIFs carry messages much more strongly than text-only content. Moreover, they are more attention-grabbing than text-based content.

The proof lies in how users interact with the visual and non-visual content on social networking websites. For example, people love tweets with images, and that’s clear from the fact that people would retweet image without tweets 150% more than tweets that don’t have images. This trend is not limited to Twitter alone. In fact, engagement for posts with images is 2.3 times higher on Facebook than posts that don’t have images.

3. WordPress and WordPress Themes

WordPress remains one of the strongest platforms for creating and managing websites. The platform is so popular that most web-hosting service providers have dedicated hosting solutions for WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the strongest tools for you to boost your business visibility and presence in the online world. As a CMS, WordPress enjoys ownership of more than 60% market share when you compare it with other CMSs.

ThemeForest is an online repository of some of the best WordPress themes with over 11,000 themes available today. Choose the right theme for your business, and you will be able to cut your worries by half. You can choose from responsive themes too that help you develop impressive, appealing and good-looking websites.

4. Social Media

Social media marketing is the most powerful method of marketing today. The largest brands in the world and other customers around the world have long said goodbye to the conventional methods of marketing. You must never sound like you are trying to sell your products/services when on social media. The key is to become part of the social media experience of your customers.

Deal nicely with users on social media to make them 71% more prone to recommending your brand to others. However, effective social media marketing requires you to be unique and proactive with your efforts. For example, you will be turning down the expectations of 42% Twitter users if you don’t reply to their tweets within 60 minutes.

Be sure to use the right social media marketing tools to get the best response from social platforms. The tools you can use include post schedulers, automatic post generators, content aggregators, and even social media templates that give visual appeal to your content.

5. SEO Strategy

SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your business in the online world. SEO professionals achieve higher rankings for your website by incorporating various SEO techniques and methods to ensure that your website becomes a “quality website” for Google and other search engines.

You will have to work with an SEO company that has SEO software, expertise, and experience to help you outrank your competitors. A strong SEO strategy requires the creation of quality content, strong backlinks, on-page and off-page optimization of numerous website elements such as URLs, internal linking, use of headings, use of ALT tags, etc. A key focus for SEO professionals has to be local SEO.

6. Branding

Branding remains a common factor in all your digital marketing efforts. Even if no one mentions branding specifically, it has to be an integral part of your overall marketing. You communicate your brand’s identity through your content: video-based, image-based or text-only.

When you try to cultivate a desired brand identity through experience, interaction, words, and visuals, a consistent brand message ties all your values together. Whether you hire your graphic designers to work with graphic design software or outsource the job to other professionals, you have to put in consistent efforts to create a strong, recognizable and memorable brand identity.

7. Emails

Emails are the last of our digital marketing tools, but their place in internet marketing has always been high. Email is marketing at the most personal level. Think about it; you have access to someone’s “personal” contact detail. Email marketing has also evolved tremendously over the past decade.

Today, it is not about writing a compelling pitch in the email body and expecting your customers to give you a call. Today, you have email templates to help you create the most compelling emails. In fact, email marketing software tools let you know how many customers have opened your emails. With these kinds of metrics available at a glance at your dashboard, you are in much better control of the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.


Our list of these seven digital marketing tools sums up a major part of your overall internet marketing endeavors. A word of advice to you is that you must set some performance metrics and KPIs to know how good or bad your marketing campaigns are. What you want to do is stick to the efforts that yield significant results. What you don’t want to do is waste your marketing budget on efforts that are futile and fruitless. Be consistent with your digital marketing and let patience be your best friend.