Working with a team makes managing and organizing projects extremely daunting. However, when a creative project comes into the picture, problems start taking a new turn altogether. You can only blossom wings of creativity when they are not restricted by any limitations and crumbled by any rules.

However, while designing or developing, a myriad of restrains may appear up. One of the most common reasons that compel people to give up, owing to the limitations, is the lack of budget. In such a scenario, freebies turn out to be quite beneficial.  

When it comes to good and attractive freebies, who wouldn’t get lured toward them? Whether you are a designer or a website owner, surely, there isn’t any dearth of free resources to kickstart the next project.

Considering that, not many are aware of up-to-the-mark and advanced tools that can be accessed for free. Yes, you read that right. Out there, on the internet, there are several such things that you can get your hands on. Didn’t know about them yet?

Let’s begin here. So, if you are struggling to accomplish your goals, here are some top freebies that will help you throughout the process.

50 Free Watercolour Textures for Transparent Backgrounds: For those cool watercolor effects

When it comes to completing a project with remarkable designs, surely, the need for putting unique textures to some significant aspects arises for the good, right? After all, who doesn’t want to put something striking on the table for people to drool over? Keeping that in mind, here is a tool that will help you attain something classy and elegant.

With this watercolor texture set, you wouldn’t have to settle for usual and regular images. Instead, you can use this tool to add different vibrant colors and textures to letters, shapes, and designs. Furthermore, you can even find the transparent background in this pack with a size of 1500 x 1000 px.

These backgrounds can be downloaded in JPEG format and can be used for multi-purpose. This tool will surely help you create vibrating branding, graphic designing, and web designing projects.

Happy Thoughts Mukti-Purpose Free PSD Template: Create amazing website designs

A very modern and clean PSD Template, this one is quite suitable for creative agencies, businesses, blog websites, and corporates. Coming from one of the reliable and reputed names – CyberChimps – this template can seamlessly help you design a WordPress website as per your business requirements.

This striking template is based on 12 column grids, with a size of 1170px. This template even contains 10 PSD grouped files with 3 different variations of the home page in total. The template comes with 1920px width and even provides free Google font.

This pixel perfect modern design is creative and super clean. Every page is organized and layered and has its own names to help you avoid confusion. You can even customize this template without any specific problems.

300 Premium Flat Colour Icons: Colourful icons

Being a designer, you definitely wouldn’t deny the importance of icons, right? While you may not use them often while designing banners and other promotional stuff, however, when it comes to designing a user interface, icons surely play an integral role.

Keeping this in mind, here is a pack that can provide you with up to 300 premium flat color icons. These flat irons are available with an extended license directly from Icons8, which will help you use this pack even in your commercial projects.

These icons are available in SVG, PDG, and PNG file formats. The ones available in the PNG formats can be found in 24px, 48px, 96px, 144px, 192px, 256px, and 512 px. Right from Data icons to Arrow icons, Mobile icons, Industry icons, Business icons, Basic icons, Photo & video icons, and much more – you surely have a long list of options here.

Powerpoint & Keynote Presentation Templates: Impress your clients and close more deals!

One of the easiest ways to attract your customers is by coming forth with a remarkable presentation. If you have no clue about how to go forward with it, this template will help you just the right way.

With this Heyra PowerPoint & Keynote presentation templates, you can grab several amazing features, including 12 unique slides, master slides, color palette, editable map, handmade infographics, and much more.

Perfect for different types of businesses, these templates will surely help you generate a perfect presentation and attract investors, audiences, and more.

Free Brush Fonts: The best free font on the internet

In some or other, a designer surely comes across lack of font types, despite an abundance of them available out there. In such a scenario, this free brush-lettered font – Selima Script can be your ultimate rescue.

This beautiful font comes with an irregular baseline and shapes. If you want to create catchy messages and want people to pay attention to it as well, you can simply use this font. It is indeed a great way of putting a personal touch to whatever you create.

Right from website designs to t-shirt designs, flyers, advertisement campaigns, brochures, and for several other things – you can use this font and create something eye-catchy. This font is available in .ttf and .otf formats and can be downloaded instantly.

Coral Web UI Kit: Beautiful websites at your fingertip

Using UI for web designing is not a less exhausting task. It takes a whole lot of efforts and time to reach the level of precision. However, one of the easier ways could be using a UI kit, specifically meant for such projects.

Undoubtedly, UI kits can make your life simpler restructuring the design process for you. Therefore, it saves you money as well as your time while making your design look better and amazing. In such a scenario, this UI kit can be of great help.

This kit consists of drop-down menus, subscribe buttons, progress bars, social media buttons, sign-up forms, pricing tables, pagination buttons, review bars, testimonials, contact us options, and much more.

Free Icons Bundle for Website Design: Premium icons for free

Talking about icon designs, here is another bundle that will help you to a great extent with your website designs. This royalty-free icons pack is meant to amplify your website designs and make it look even enhanced and better.

Over the period of time, these icons have been used for attracting users, decreasing bounce rates, improving the readability of the website, highlighting primary features, enhancing navigation, conveying a unique and different style, along with many other things.

These icons are simply available in .EPS and .AI formats and it just takes an easy download to grab these beautiful icons. And then, whether you use it for commercial purpose, the license is all yours.


Knowing that there are innumerable resources out there you might be missing out can make you dejected and for obvious reasons. Since being a designer demands efforts and a lot of time, it’s not always you might be able to invest in expensive software and tools.

So, to cut down that problem, you can get your hands on these freebies. Amazing and appropriate for every designer, surely, these free tools will help you accomplish several things all at once.

Do let us know what you liked the most out of these freebies and which one was the most beneficial to you.