Software and advanced technology have made it easier for humans to achieve their goals by spending less time and efforts. Thanks to an array of tools available out there, it isn’t necessary anymore to sit at one position for prolonged hours so as to check every box in the to-do list.
Having said that, one factor that may stop people from evolving with rapid changes in the price tag that comes along with necessary tools and software. Of course, you’d have felt that too, right? Think about it; did you ever want to purchase a tool so badly but couldn’t do so because it was an expensive affair?

But, what if you got to know there are several lifetime deals available that you can grab and use forever? That’s absolutely correct. Dealfuel has come up with several tools, bundles, and software that are proficient enough in making your day-to-day tasks hassle-free.

Are you ready to explore these options? Scroll down and find the top 10 best lifetime deals that you can grab promptly.

1.The Ultimate Multipurpose Responsive Email Templates Bundle:

If you’re into marketing, you’d obviously be familiar with the importance that email marketing beholds. And, to create stunningly beautiful responsive emails, there’s no need to acquire HTML knowledge when there are plenty of templates available out there.
So, whether you have an online store or providing a certain number of services, with this bundle in hand, all of your problems can be sorted instantly. This bundle comprises seven multipurpose responsive email sets, two single email templates, completely customizable and responsive designs.
Furthermore, in every email set, you’re going to get at least 8-10 pre-made templates crafted on 100+ modules. One of the best things about these templates is that they’re even compatible with significant email service platforms, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and more.

2.TagOn URL Shortner:

The need for shorter URLs can never be overlooked, especially if you’ve been sharing them frequently and in bulk. Thus, to help you even better, this TagOn URL shortener is here to help you out.
With this tool, you can effortlessly shorten your links. Moreover, it’s even possible to add custom scripts in the links that make interacting with the audience more facilitating. If you wish to retarget your audience, you can customize it through this tool by integrating tracking codes and retargeting pixels.
Additionally, you can even add CTAs on the created links before sharing so that you can drive traffic to your site. You can even create TagOn-powered links automatically from your RSS feed. One of the best things about this tool is everything, right from shortening links to adding CTAs, can be done right from your own domain.

3. Multipurpose Web Design Template Kit:

Launching a website amidst the rising cut-throat competition could be tasking. Especially when the professional developers and designers ask for a higher amount, you may think twice before spending on a platform for your startup or small business, right?
But, don’t fret out anymore. This multipurpose kit comprises cutting edge HTML templates, suitable enough to help you develop a website without any hassles. It includes multi-purpose and responsive HTML5 templates along with 20+ home page variations, 200+ pages, and advanced functionality with the latest UI designs.
Adding more to it, you can even find template carousels designed with Revolution slider in this kit. Whether you wish to create a corporate website or a platform for your freelancing work, it can fulfill multiple needs quite easily.

4. Mass Watermark:

With incidences of copyright infringements increasing every passing day, the need to secure authentic work has amplified more than ever before. So, if you’ve been sharing your work, such as pictures and designs, frequently on the internet, it’s your responsibility to prevent undesirable thefts.
Just as the name suggests, this smart software helps you put a watermark on bulk pictures along with a myriad of other features. Mass Watermark can also help rotate, crop, and resize images. Not just that, but you also get to design the watermark on your own. You can even add different effects on your images to enhance their quality.
Once done, this software allows you to either directly upload images to Flickr & Picasa or put them in a zip folder.

5. AfloatChat Bots:

At this stage, social media marketing has become everything about AI power and advanced technology. Keeping that in mind, this A Bot-powered messenger marketing tool is everything that you’d ever need to maintain the inflow of leads.
With this software, you can accomplish several objectives, such as messenger marketing, drip campaigning, page-wise engagement, tracking user logs, and much more. Appropriate for modern businesses, this bot also supports multi-language, Instagram integration, as well as messenger codes.
Without any need for coding and testing, this smart bot can automate the entire messaging scenario for you. Along with sending bulk messages, you can even reply to individuals separately.

6. 1000+ Text Overlay Bundle:

When it comes to enhancing designs and images, any amount of elements seems lesser in number. But, to give you an extra edge, here is a complete bundle that consists of more than 1000 text overlays that you can use for your work.
These overlays are quite perfect for every celebration, be it regular holidays or special announcements. With this bundle by your side, you definitely get a chance to transform the otherwise monotonous designs into delightful ones.
These overlays can be used on a variety of works, such as invitation cards, social media posts, posters, announcements, and much more. Moreover, overlays in this package are organized in 22 different categories, available in PSD and PNG file formats.

7. 200+ Infographics Bundle:

Undoubtedly, infographics have the potential of conveying the message of your brand much better than anything else. Whether you wish to explain the advantages of using your products or you want to put some valuable data in front of your audience, an infographic is the best way to do so.
Now, with this bundle, you get a fantastic deal of more than 200 editable infographics that come with an extended license. These infographics have been created with modern styles, making the entire appearance look enthralling.
And then, they’re entirely customizable. Apart from changing the color combination, you can even alter the text, graphics, statistics, swatches, and much more.

8. VideoProc:

Who doesn’t get intrigued towards videos? Not just they’re informative but a breeze to the eyes as well. And, this full GPU accelerated video processing software is here to help you have the time of your life with editing and processing videos.
This one is a complete toolbox that you can use to edit, convert, adjust, and resize your DVDs, 4K UHD videos, and music at an accelerated speed. Also, you can even compress your audios as well as videos with this tool.
Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, AMD, and Intel, VideoProc is a quality-oriented media converter and editor. The best thing about this software is that it’s quite handy and easy to use. If you want, you can even record and download videos from this platform efficiently.

9. Taskeo:

In a business firm, irrespective of the size, one of the biggest challenges is to manage projects and teams. However, with Taskeo, you get yourself covered. This one is an online assistant that takes care of your productivity.
Integrated with useful features, you can find custom reminders, automated recurring tasks, smart burndown charts, list views, and much more in this software. Even if your team is spread across different time zones and cities, this tool will keep everything organized for you.
Apart from the team members, it even helps to keep the clients in the loop. You can invite your associates to work together and deliver projects quicker and more resourcefully. Further, it also provides comprehensive insights and reports, so you’re always updated of what’s happening around.

10. Online Machine Learning Certification Course:

To make outstanding progress towards AI and its variants, having a firm grasp on machine learning seems to be an adequate option. Don’t worry; you wouldn’t have to attend classes when everything is available online.
This option comprises 19 online courses with a duration of more than 93 hours. Once you’ve completed the course, you get a valid certificate that boasts about you mastering the skills of machine learning.
In this course, you get to learn several different skills, such as Machine Learning, Python, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Deep Learning, R Programming, A/B Testing, Face Detection, Business Intelligence, Hypothesis Testing, and much more.

Final Words:

Having your feet more in-depth into the digital world makes it necessary to be backed by advanced tools and software. After all, that’s how you step up the ladder of progression, right? These top 10 best lifetime deals are one of their kinds.
Available at affordable prices, Dealfuel makes sure that you aren’t lagging in the quickly advancing world. Additionally, along with the ones mentioned above, the Dealfuel platform has a gamut of other options as well for your benefit.
So, move ahead and navigate through the best of lifetime deals available out there. And, choose the ones that seem useful for your business.