We all agree that choosing a web hosting service provider is like picking a life partner.

why ?? let me explain. If you make the wrong decision, then you find yourself going down a stressful path of separation. Most likely, after you have invested all that money and time to make things work.

Owning a website is the easiest way to convey your message in the world today. Website connected to the internet gives you the freedom of speech or freedom of expression. To speak with mouth it only takes some amount of energy. However, if you want to put your thoughts across the internet, you may be reluctant to invest too much. This generally happens because we all have a habit of free speech.

Most people want something easy, quick & free. So, how do you choose the right web hosting service for your new website?
Let’s go straight to it!


Maybe you are looking for free web hosting services for students or a non-profit who want free WordPress hosting.
Or you want to get a web hosting on your new blog.
Let us give you the best solutions.

There are free web hosting companies that will guarantee you to keep your website as long as you wish. However, we highly recommend that if you are serious about your website, consider a full-featured low-cost web hosting service.
Most of the shared web hosting services will offer you a domain for free, eCommerce functionality, free SSL, free emails, & much more for just $2.75 to $5 monthly.

This is technical “almost free” putting in mind the amount of money you will make from your website.

Some of these “almost free” web hosting companies may include:

  • Bluehost – Bluehost is among the most reliable and popular web hosting services on the world wide web. This was once $7.99 per month, but now it’s available for only $2.95 per month.
  • iPage – At a monthly cost of $3.75, iPage may not be the cheapest WordPress hosting company, but it is affordable.
  • Hostinger – Hostinger has specialized in offering low-cost web hosting at prices that no one else can beat. Starts as low as just $1.25 a month
  • InMotion – A plan that is tailored to WordPress users, InMotion gives you cheap hosting services starting from $2.95 a month.
  • A2 Hosting – At just $3.92 per month, you can host one website at unlimited storage and bandwidth. SSD servers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt, and five databases.

Security Features

Choosing a web host provider that offers several add-ons and stock security alternatives is necessary. A good web hosting company gives you different options of security features to help you protect any risks that may exist on the web.

Do elaborate due diligence on the cybersecurity measures of your prospective hosts & their reputation in security. Ensure that they offer encryption, web application firewall, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection. Many website owners have lost customers and money due to loss of reputation from security breaches and cyber-attacks. Make sure to put this as a priority when you are choosing web hosting services.

Finally, depending on the web hosting package that you select, it’s possible to access your server through SSH. SSH gives you a much secure way to modify & upload your files on the website.


A WordPress, web hosting provider, should provide their clients with high-quality and timely support. Sadly, this is not the case always. To avoid the frustration of sleepless nights trying to troubleshoot, then find a web hosting service that has knowledgeable support staff who understand WordPress. Knowledgeable support staff can quickly fix common WordPress problems. Problems such as the internal server errors, compatibility issues, white screen of death, & other issues that may arise can be fixed easily.
If you want to know whether a host will help you with WordPress-specific troubleshooting, start by checking out web hosting services that are marketing to WordPress users. The provider will likely give you support services. However, this is not the case always. Another reliable way to establish a web host service that will provide WordPress-specific support is to check out their help documentation.


You must do extensive research on the status of the web hosting services that you are considering. Check out reviews and guides of web hosting companies; here, you can see reviews and ratings posted by experts and customers in the industry. It is better to play it safe & go with a provider that has a lot of expertise and experience, & one that has been accepted well in the market.
Also, looking at the official recommendation by WordPress means a lot. Remember, WordPress powers 30% of the internet, so WordPress is not just endorsing anyone. Again, when you are choosing a web host service that is reputable, are sure that they have all kinks sorted. It is also accurate to assume that their service will be streamlined. It would be hard to believe that a web host service that has been around for more than 15 years isn’t reliable.

Hosting Provider Performance / Speed

Google considers your website speed as a ranking factor. Forget Google, who likes a slow site anyway.
Bluehost may not be the fastest web host company around. But, the loading speeds are adequate for most website. Speeds also vary depending with the hosting you go for. For instance, if hosting is shared, then it will typically slow, but, the speeds are still competitive. When going for plans like VPS or a dedicated delivers faster loading. It is because you have stronger and more server resources dedicated to your website. Bundled tools such as CloudFlare help improve loading speeds. CloudFlare is a CDN that stores new versions of websites on servers networked around the globe. This way, when someone checks out your site, they are served with a copy of your website that is closest to your physical server location.

Hosting Provider Uptime

Website uptime is critical. Uptime is a period that a server has been up & running. The standard uptime for most web hosting companies is about 99%, which seems to be okay. Even though not all web hosts comply with this standard. If you don’t get high uptime, you risk losing revenue & giving a poor service generally. Remember, no one will be able to access your website if it is offline.


Business & individual website owners have their unique requirements. So, what may work for our site may not necessarily work for yours & vice versa. Do proper research; read recommendations, and see what other users are saying about web hosting services. Do your homework correctly & ask for their opinions. Get in contact with the web hosting services providers & ask questions if you have any. In this business, no question is a stupid question.