1300+ Magnificent Overlays Bundle

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$600 $29

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If you’re looking for high-quality overlays, trust me your search ends here.

In this deal, we bring you Magnificent Overlays Bundle to help you give life even to dull & lifeless images. Create exciting photo effects with these overlays and stun your audience without putting a lot of effort. This bundle includes 1300+ unique and creative photo overlays which are conveniently categorised into 40 different sets.

Whether you are working on your project or for your client, this bundle has all the elements you will ever need for your niche.

What’s included in this magnificent overlays bundle?

  • 10 Ladybugs 
  • 20 Autumn Leaves
  • 20 Red Rose Petals 
  • 40 Red&Pink Petals 
  • 20 Black Rose Petals 
  • 20 Bees 
  • 20 Bees Dark Version
  • 50 Feathers 
  • 91 Sky
  • Electricity 10 
  • 17 Golden Bokeh 
  • 17 Ice Bokeh 
  • 20 Confetti 
  • 50 Floating Hearts 
  • Green Granules 25
  • 40 Golden Granules 
  • 20 Red Granules 20 
  • 40 Rainy Granules 
  • 40 Golden Lights 
  • 116 Light Leaks 
  • 100 Light Leaks 
  • 150 Light Leaks 
  • 23 Liquid Paint 
  • Nuclear Energy 
  • 20 Rainbow Magic
  • 20 Rainbow Strokes
  • 30 Deep Space
  • 30 Web Waves
  • Brilliance Waves
  • 10 Rainbow Pixie Dust
  • 20 Silky Waves
  • 20 Evil Entity 
  • 20 Fire Sparkles 
  • 20 Energy Waves 
  • 30 Glossy Waves 
  • 20 Colors
  • 20 Galaxy
  • 20 Color Spirals
  • 20 Furry Lights
  • 20 Elegant Energy

Download the complete set of preview images here.

Here is a sneak peek into the bundle:

Magnificent Overlays - Bees

Magnificent Overlays - Brilliance Waves

Magnificent Overlays - Confetti Overlays

Magnificent Overlays - Fire Sparkles

Magnificent Overlays - Glossy Waves

Magnificent Overlays - Golden Lights

Magnificent Overlays - Green Granules

Magnificent Overlays - Ladybugs

Magnificent Overlays - Wev Waves

Download the complete set of preview images here.

Grab these 1300+ magnificent overlays for just $600 $29

Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download once you place your order.
  • You will get 1328 overlays, 40 sets (approximately 4K and 5K, 300dpi each file).
  • These overlays are compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers.
  • All these overlays can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, or as part of your new design for sale.
  • Cannot be resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license.

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  • Hi,

    You can make these backgrounds transparent by following steps:

    Overlay Image with Black Background:
    To apply an overlay in Photoshop, place the overlay over your photo and set the layer mode to SCREEN. Adjust layer opacity to further refine your overlay application. If needed, use the eraser or mask and soft brush to clean up parts of your photo, such as facial features. Finally, merge the layers.

    Overlay Image with Transparent Background:
    Open the image where your overlay will be applied.
    Then, open your selected overlay. To do this, select File –> Open
    Resize your selected overlay to match your primary image. To do this, go to Image –> Image Size
    Copy and paste your overlay onto your image. To do this, go to Select –> All, then go to Edit –> Copy. Once this is complete, toggle to your primary image and go to Edit –> Paste
    You have now applied your .png overlay.

    • john connell

      how do we bring them all in to lightroom?

      • Hi John, These magnificent overlays are compatible only with the Photoshop and not with Lightroom.

$600 $29
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $571
Save - 95%

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$600 $29
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $571
Save - 95%

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