34 HTML Themes from TeslaThemes for just $24

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$544 $24

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I going to save you bunch of time and effort

If you a freelancer and you have to design/code any kind of site and you lazy (like me), then you want to read this page till finish. I got a special surprise for you.

Ok, so let’s talk about being a freelancer.

When you’re a freelancer, you have many different clients.

You have a different type of client who wants site: hotel site, restaurant site, personal site, clinic site, travel agency who-no-longer-sells-tickets-to-Crimea site. Every kind of site.

So every time you get a referral, or you close a new deal, you have to go into Photoshop, design something good, wait for a client to say yes or no (blood boil) AND ONLY THEN you start coding in HTML/CSS/JS…. a real pain in the butt.

On average, I found this take me anywhere from 6 hours if I really need money to 2 weeks (like I said, I be lazy).

So every new project I get, I have to do the same s**t all over again.

But that is nonsense.

Because if you freelancer, or web developer, or designer, or you have to make any kind of site, you always get the same client. The only thing that change is the name and maybe design a bit.

So one day I think to self: “Greedy, this is bulls**t. The client wants good design, he doesn’t give a @(*#! about how many hours you spend in Photoshop or HTML coding. Why not give good design from start?”

And I did this.

The most recent deal I close was with one restaurant in my place. I get to cash in like 3 hours MAX, 2 hours of talking bulls**t and other details on the phone and 1 hour changing an HTML template I bought from some theme shop.

When I found I could do this and client happy, I said that I only buy HTML website templates and change them first. So that’s what I do now.

This save me 80% of the time that previously went into designing and coding.

The deal I want to show you today will save you time AND money.

I have a good friend who works at TeslaThemes.

These guys put many quality themes and site HTML website templates so you can buy and have a good, responsive, quality design on your site at the click of a button.

So I talk to my good friend one day and convince him (over vodka and beer) to sell ALL 34 HTML WEBSITE TEMPLATES THEY HAVE… on my site… for $24.

To give example, one such template cost $16.

34 x $16 = $544.

That’s almost a 96% discount….

Yes, we drink a lot that day (was my birthday).

But now you get to have all these quality themes for such a low price.

To show you exactly what you’re getting:



  • Quality design that follows the latest trends in web-design
  • Responsive template that adapts to any device (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Coded in valid HTML5 & CSS3
  • Has extensive documentation
  • Cross-browser (this means it works flawlessly even in crappy IE)

Bad news is that this deal only last for 7 days. That’s enough time for Igor’s blood to get alcohol-clear and realize what he did.

So don’t think about this. If you want to save time and money as a freelancer or if you need a good design for your site with little to no work, this deal is for you.

{{BUY $24 -$408-}}

Yours truly,
Pawel “Greedy” Grygorowicz

P.S. I not kidding that this deal only last for 7 days. When time runs out, the price will go UP. If you like good designs, clean code and easy customization, this deal is a no brainer. If you don’t believe me about price go on teslathemes.com and check out each individual theme for yourself.


Deal Terms
You will get all themes in a zip archive.

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    Feb 19, 2015

    Anyone else have issues installing these? All of them say missing Style.css…

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      Feb 19, 2015


      Hi Jason!

      Thank you for your question. These are HTML themes not WordPress.