500 Metro design Icons for just $16

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In this deal, you will get 500 metro design icons made by Inmotus Design. They come with an extended license which allows you to use them on any project you want.

The icons are organized in different folders and have keywords in the file names divided by dashes between words. The icons are in PNG and SVG file format.

The icons are from the following categories:
• Rounded square flat icons (72 icons)
• Charts of home budget (10 icons)
• All in one popular icon (352 icons)
• Light mate icons (43 icons)
• Metro square design icons (28 icons)
• Geo service instruments (67 icons)
• Navigation (12 icons)
• Weather icon set (29 icons)

• Black counture metro design ui elements (10 icons)
• Egg head smileys (23 icons)

Here is a preview of the icons included in the bundle:

weather icon set - metro-square-design-icons

weather icon set - navigation-set

weather icon set - weather-icons

weather icon set - black-counture-metro-design-ui-elements

weather icon set - charts-home-budjet

weather icon set - egg-head-smileys

weather icon set - geo-service-instruments

weather icon set - light-mate-icons

weather icon set - all-in-one-popular-icons

Deal terms:

Items are provided as instant download.

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