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Are you a music lover?

Greedeals has a perfect deal for you. Introducing AceThinker Music Recording software – an Ultra solution for users to collect music by recording or downloading music directly from the Web.

It’s a much better idea to record or download music once rather repeating the task and wasting your data plan.

AceThinker Music Recorder is one of the latest solutions in the market that will help you record or download music in a click. Plus, you can also use it to create your own music collection if you want!

All music streaming from any platform can be recorded and used in no time with help from this wonderful tool. The great thing about using this tool to record streaming music is that you will have all the content downloaded without any issue.

What type of features can you expect from AceThinker Music Recording software?

AceThinker Music Recorder is a rather distinct and unique experience mainly because it combines a plethora of audio-related features into a single package.

  • Record audio in high-quality
  • Search and acquire music
  • Identify music with ID3 tag automatically
  • Manage music files with ease

Here are insiders shots into the app for music lovers:

Record music with a single click

music recording software - 13

Play Downloaded or Recorded music with ease

music recording software - 12

Search through media files

music recording software - 11

Prepare your very own playlists for convenience

music recording software - 10 music recording software - 9

Record music via radio

music recording software - 8

Convert audio in various formats

music recording software - 7

Edit recorded audio with ease

music recording software - 5

Identify music with ID3 tag

music recording software - 4

 Convert video to MP3 music recording software - 1

What can you do with this Tool?

  • Record music stream or any audio
  • Manage audio clips in library
  • Search and download music
  • Stream radio and record it at the same time

What others are saying…

“I never thought I’d find such a simple and effective way to record streaming audio. It even comes with some extra features such as the audio converter, editor, and music down-loader. The only word that can describe it is ‘excellent’. Definitely a thumbs up from me.”Amanda

“Thanks so much! This is easily the best audio recorder I’ve ever used. I need to record online radio a lot for my job, and Streaming Audio Recorder makes the process effortless. I’m proud to always give it my support.”Lily

“For people that want to get a quality audio recording (like myself) this is a must buy. There are plenty of video recorders that record audio as well but no other recording was as clear as this one.”Mark

Record or download music and create your  music collection today at just $30 $19

Deal Terms –

  • Delivered as an instant download once you place your orders.
  • Available for both – Mac and Windows version.
  • One keycode per order
  • A personal license can be used on one computer permanently
  • We provide lifetime support (send email update for the product
  • This software has Windows and Mac versions while the both have the same functionality.

System requirements:

  • Windows user: Windows vista/7/8/10
  • Mac user: Mac OS X 10.7 and above versions


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    Thanks for contacting us. A personal license of our product allows the users to install it on one computer. However, we can still provide new license key if they want to change to new computer or delete the software by accident. It’s only that they cannot use a single personal license on two computers simultaneously.

    Hope it helps.

    Greedeals Team.

30 $ 19
One time fee

Deal Expired

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30 $ 19
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $10.95
Save - 37%

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