Become A Front End Developer With The 24 Courses Bundle

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Learn front end development languages from 6 of the best in breed instructors

Front-end development is one of the most sought-after technologies in the tech industry. Whether you are planning to get a job as a front-end developer or planning to start your freelance web developer career, you are at the right place.

The Front End Developer Bundle gives you lifetime access to 24 courses from 6 prominent instructors. 133 hours of intensive video training at your fingertips – 24×7!

What will you learn with this massive course:

1.   Popular JavaScript Framework: Learn The Ins And Outs Of Angular 2 – Learn everything you need to know to be successful in Angular 2.
2.   Javascript for Beginners – Learn Javascript and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course.
3.   Angular 4 Crash Course – Will be updated regularly as Angular changes
4.   Intro to React.js Course – Learn React.js for web and mobile solutions
5.   Ember.js Beginner Course – Learn about the javascript framework used on popular websites, like Groupon, LinkedIn,
6.   Node.js for Beginners – Create Fast, Scalable Network Applications with Familiar Javascript Code
7.   Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript – Angular + TypeScript Crash Course
8.   Vue.js Beginner Course – Intuitive, Fast MVVM for building interactive interfaces
9.   Zero to Clean Web Apps with Node.js Course – Code a Node.js Project with an Online IDE
10. Javascript Crash Course – Get started with Javascript Development in Just a Few Hours.
11. Fundamentals of Javascript Mastery Course – Learn JavaScript from the ground up.
12. AngularJS For Beginners Course – Get started with the popular AngularJS framework
13. jQuery for Rookies – Get started leveraging jQuery like a pro
14. Fundamentals of Ajax, jQuery and JSON Course – Learn web development with Ajax, jQuery and JSON by creating real projects.
15. Learn By Example: PHP For Dynamic Websites – Super-practical PHP: cookies, sessions, login authentication, MySQL integration, Object Oriented PHP and lots more!
16. JQuery Basics – Learn JQuery From Scratch – Learn and understand the basics of the most popular JavaScript Framework on the web
17. The Complete Front-End Web Developing Course – Learn How To Become a Front-End Web Developer From Scratch
18. JavaScript For Beginners – Learn JavaScript From Scratch – Learn The Fundamentals Of The JavaScript Programming Language
19. Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & Javascript – Closures, prototypes, JSON, the DOM, selectors, inheritance in CSS and in Javascript, and first-class functions
20. Learn By Example: Angular JS – A complete first principles guide to Angular JS
21. Learn By Example: jQuery – 53 examples which form a step-by-step guide to master jQuery
22. Learn By Example : Selenium for Automated Web Testing – A comprehensive guide to Selenium using 45 solved examples on automating web testing
23. Learn By Example: ReactJS – A step-by-step guide to component-driven development using React
24. Web Security: Common Vulnerabilities And Their Mitigation – A guide to dealing with XSS, session hijacking, XSRF, credential management, SQLi and a whole lot more

What Will You Get In This Deal?

  • Lifetime access
  • 24 courses
  • 133 hours of content
  • Course taught by extremely proficient instructors
  • All courses are redeemed on

The content is taught by 6 main instructors: John Bura, LearnToProgram, Stone River eLearning, Loony Corn, Robin Haney and Jordan Hudgens.

Get This Front End Development 24 Courses Bundle For Just $216 29

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