The Ultimate Local Lead Generation Software

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Get UNLIMITED Local Business Leads For Any Keyword

Is your business targeted towards the local customers?

If you’re a doctor, dentist, contractor, retailer, real estate agent, or run any other business that caters to the local audience, then generating qualified local leads should be your primary objective.

This is where the Local Leads Studio comes to your rescue! With the help of this local lead generation software, you can easily search for local leads and take your business to the next level.

Local Leads Studio Highlights

  • Search for local leads right away
  • Export the data with 1 click
  • No Proxy or VPN required
  • Lifetime access with free updates
  • Best Google Chrome extension

The Local Leads Studio scrapes local leads from Google Maps using its extensive database and gives you 100% authentic local business data. You can extract data such as business name, business website, business address, phone number, rating, category, images, reviews, hours of operation, and whether a business listing is claimed or not.

You can obtain 1000’s of potential business leads for any particular keyword and utilize those leads to grow your business.

What Is Local Leads Studio?

Local Leads Studio is an online tool (chrome extension) which helps in generating local leads for any specific business. The leads that you’re provided with are potential customers which can be converted into revenue-generating business for your company. If you’re one of that enthusiastic and spirited business person who likes to stay at the top of his game, Local Leads Studio is just the thing for you!

Let’s Take A Look At How It Works

What Can Local Leads Studio Do For You?

  • Local leads studio can provide you with leads ranging from a broad geographical target area to a highly specified local target area.
  • We can generate local leads and export it to your device with just a click. All you have to do is, install the chrome extension and you’re good to go.

Not Convinced Yet? Here Are Some More Reasons You Should Consider

  • User-Friendly:

    You don’t have to be a cybernaut to learn to generate leads out of local leads studio. It is a relatively simple process; you just have to choose your location, type in the keywords and export the file with just a single click. The data are in Excel format and are well organised making it easy to filter information. You can mix and match the keywords or change the location, giving you an upper hand in finding which leads work for you best.

  • 100% Genuine:

    Google has a substantial database collected from all the directories including Yahoo, Yelp etc. It keeps on updating their database through various other sources. Hence you’re sure to get 100% genuine data for your business.

  • Conversion

    Local businesses have modest means as compared to their contemporary larger enterprises and are generally oblivious to the potential of the digital space. The conversion rates for these businesses are much higher with minor commotion.

Why Scrape Google Maps?

If we take a look at the numbers, Google executes 54% of all online searches, 90% searches via mobile and operates from around 100 countries making it the most extensive database to generate an exhaustive list of leads for you.

Why Buy Local Leads Studio?

  • It packs the data in a convenient and accessible form in an excel sheet.
  • You don’t require proxy or VPN and hence saves you money. It works manually giving you maximum flexibility of options.
  • No other accessory software needed. Just install a chrome extension, and you’re ready to roll unlimited data for as less as 247$

What data can you extract?

The Excel file that you export contains:

  1. Business Names
  2. Business Addresses
  3. Website Link
  4. Phone Number
  5. Working Hours
  6. Category
  7. Rating
  8. Reviews
  9. Photos
  10. Business Listing Is Claimed Or Not In Google.

Is Local Leads Studio for Me?

Yes if,

  • You’re looking to make a quick buck by selling scraped data online.
  • You want to sell your physical product to local businesses around you.
  • You’re an internet marketer looking for new clients.
  • You, as a small business, want to sell your services to the other companies around you.

How Can I Make Money Using Local Leads Studio?

  • Cold Calling: Assign a Virtual assistant to cold call the listed businesses.
  • Hard Selling: Visit the listed office in person to sell your product.
  • Scrapebox: Scrape email id’s from all the business listings and send mass mailers to promote your business.
  • Filter out all the unclaimed enterprises and pitch in the advantages of digital space.

Grab This Local Lead Generation Software For Just $95 And Scale Your Business To New Heights!

Deal Terms

  • This deal comes with a Lifetime License.
  • It includes unlimited usage and free updates.