Simple, Easy Cloud & Domain Monitoring

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We get it.
Running a business is tough.
It needs your attention 24×7.
But you can’t really be everywhere all the time.
So, you need help.
With monitoring your websites and domains while you sleep.
Which is why we recommend NetUmo.

Netumo monitors your servers (like websites etc.) and checks it’s content based on a frequency you set. As soon as something happens you get immediately notified via Email/SMS/Twitter.

Netumo keeps a list of all your domains from different registrars in a single location. When any domain is due for expiry you get notified.

Netumo stores all the ping data and generates reports so that you can easily spot trends, on your server load and website health.

See how Netumo helps you:


  • Get notifications about your domain’s health
  • Websites Uptime alerting
  • Generate website reports
  • Email & SMS & Twitter Notifications
  • Easy to set up
  • No Installation
  • One Dashboard to access all your websites
  • 20 Domains
  • 20 Websites
  • Frequency 2 minutes max
  • Unlimited Email notifications per day
  • Unlimited Twitter notifications per day
  • 5 SMS notifications per day
  • Email & Phone support

Netumo Domain checker

Netumo has built a domain checking engine to check your domains and make sure that you are notified when they are about to expire. Domain whois records are intelligently parsed by our powerful engine and you are notified prior any expiration dates such that you can take action and renew.

Netumo Web Engine

Website Checking Netumo pings your website depending on the frequency you specify and checks for specific parts of the code that you wish to match within a page. This ensures that your website has correctly loaded.

Netumo has a powerful web engine which can simultaneously check for thousands of sites ensuring that their response time is adequate. Any errors are immediately flagged to you. All of this data is saved such that you can easily run reports and identify server trends.

Whenever Netumo encounters responses, not of a high-quality it switches to over-watch mode and checks every 1 minute to see if it’s worth flagging an issue or not. This ensures that you are correctly notified whenever there is a real issue.

False positives and timeouts

The Netumo web engine avoids notifying you of false positives and all failures are immediately rechecked thus ensuring that no false alarms are raised. This is done by making sure that all failures are taken to our second level of tests to ensure that there are no false positives.

Netumo flood protection

Netumo has built-in protection such that it only sends failure notifications only once every hour per monitored site. SMS/Twitter similarly are only sent once per hour per monitored site. This ensures that you do not waste all your SMS credits on the first failure. Together with this Netumo lets, you control how notifications work and each website can have notifications enabled or disabled based on your requirements.

Log data and Reports

Netumo stores all website monitoring data so that you can easily query and generate reports to understand what your website uptime is. Reports range from simple Up/Down charts to Response time graphs, Status code bar charts and also Day uptime charts. All this gives you a quick view of your website state and what your users encounter.

Network Tools

Netumo has a variety of network tools to troubleshoot and test website and other networking stuff for easier testing and troubleshooting of issues. More details available in the network tools section.

Protect your website with Netumo today at only $46.55!

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  • You get 1-year access to the Value plan with this deal
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