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With the rise in smartphone users around the globe, a new market for mobile apps had emerged. This new market is so big that it attracts thousands of new developers each month. That is why in this deal we thought to run a deal with some mobile development training courses which will teach you how to create an app for Android and iOS smartphones.

The original price for all these mobile development training courses is $1191 but from us, you may get them for just $39.

The following mobile development training courses are included:

Learn iOS Apps Development Using Swift 2 – sells for $99

Learn to build iOS Apps with the latest version of Swift. This course which focuses on the swift programming language teaches you the best techniques for iOS App development with all the power packed features that the new and improved version of Swift promises. This course will take you deeper into the swift concepts and constructs and will then help you quickly learn and master professional iOS development.

The course starts with a basic introduction to swift programming and Xcode IDE and then help you learn programming concepts covering the general programming paradigms and the ideas unique to the swift. As with all our courses, you will be creating a real world iOS App along with the course. This will allow you to assimilate all the concepts as they are covered by the instructor. To read more, click here.

Learn to Build Apps with Android M from Ground Up – sells for $99

Currently one of the most popular operating systems on the market, Google has created a huge market share for its Android platform. With such a big fan following, there are hundreds of apps that are being released on Android daily.

The amazing operating system, based on decadent desserts has recently received a new update with Android Marshmallow, also known as Android M. The latest addition to the Android dessert menu comes packed with even more innovative technologies that give developers a whole lot of room to create different types of apps. To read more, click here.

Master Android Development by Building Ten Projects – sells for $199

Android is the hottest mobile technology today. With Google investing heavily in taking Android to every nook and corner of the globe it is set to enter the next big phase of growth. This versatile technology is also powering wearable devices and cameras. With its exceptional growth rate, it provides ample options for developers with Android skills to cash on this opportunity of a lifetime.

We here at Eduonix always work hard to create the most advanced and best in its class training material. We have now put together a course which will teach you Android Development by creating 10 different Android Apps and covering most of the important technologies and APIs you will ever need to build any Android App. To read more, click here.

Android Lollipop Ultimate Tutorial for App Development – sells for $99

The Ultimate Android App Development Course is here. With the latest edition of our Android course, we bring together a curriculum and pedagogy which will be help beginners and an intermediate developer alike. In our course, we have tried to present the concepts in such a way that you will be able to understand and use them quickly first using our lab exercises and then in your own practical projects. It is aimed to hold your hand all the way to make sure all the APIs and their usage are clear to everyone.

You will start from the basic Android architecture and ecosystem and follow it up with simple APIs and then graduate to complex and latest APIs such as Sensors, Material Design and Data Storage. To read more, click here.

Learn to Build Mobile Apps from Scratch – sells for $99

Learn how to master various web technologies to create mobile apps that run on all of the major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – within this great course. Throughout this course, you will learn to create, test, debug, and publish your apps, as we cover a variety of web technologies and app development frameworks including:

• JQuery
• Javascript
• PhoneGap
• Intel XDK
• AppMobi API

To read more, click here.

Projects in PhoneGap-Learn by Building 10 Projects – sells for $199

The Projects in PhoneGap course is here with 10 amazing enterprise class applications. Build them while you learn one of the fastest growing mobile development technology. You no longer need to learn multiple languages to support your app across multiple platforms like iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Bada. Master this awesome tool and you can just use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build mobile apps which run on all the mobile platforms. We have handpicked projects which will help you master PhoenGap along with lots of frontend and backend technologies. To read more, click here.

Learn iPad Development and Advanced iOS Programming – sells for $99

The course is for advanced programmers who already know the basic iOS programming. It is the most advanced iOS course on the web and we cover the most difficult of the APIs by picking concepts hidden in the iOS development manuals. We have worked hard to create lectures which break down the seemingly complex topics in easy to understand modules and can be easily assimilated by the student. In this unique offering we bring together both the iPad Development and the other iOS APIs together in a course and after completing it there will be nothing you cannot develop on iOS. You will start with advanced concepts of Objective-C and it will be followed by sections on NSOperation, Grand Central Dispatch, Motion Sensors, Animation and OpenGL ES. If you are new to iOS you can try our beginner’s course here. To read more, click here.

Learn to Build Mobile Games using Unity3D – sells for $149

Unity is arguably the most popular cross-platform game engine for mobile phones and tablets. You can target both iOS and Android app stores using this single powerful engine. This engine can help you build almost any game you can think of. This powerful engine is great for both 2D and 3D games.

Eduonix has worked with real game developers to bring out a course which is practical and powerful enough to get our students quickly ready for their next blockbuster title. This course does not assume any game programming experience but it will be great if you know basic of game design. The course starts with basic Unity intro and a detail looks into its editor and scripting language. You will then work on actual game code along with the authors. The course will make you the Unity 3D Ninja and you can easily take on any gaming project. To read more, click here.

Learn to Build Mobile Games using Corona SDK – sells for $149

Corona SDK is powerful game development kit developed by Corana labs. This powerful cross-platform engine allows game development for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. It uses Lua as the principal scripting language. It is easy to use and allows quick turnaround time for games. It is one of the preferred gaming engines for Indie mobile developers.

We have designed this mobile development training course as one comprehensive tutorial for mastering game development using Corona SDK. The course starts with a basic introduction to the engine and will help you get used to the editor. The course will then teach you the important lua scripting concepts. You will get to know all the important features and APIs of the SDK before using it to build a real game.

This mobile development training course is a shortcut to get you up and ready for professional game development for mobility systems. To read more, click here.

The regular price for all these mobile development training courses is $1191 but from us, you may get them with a 97% discount, for just $39.

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