The Complete SEO Course Bundle to Rank Your Website Easily In Search Engines

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The complete SEO course bundle – for the ardent marketer

Have you ever wondered how to rank your website higher in the search engine? Or how link building and other SEO tactics work towards website ranking?

Welcome to the world of SEO.

Even if SEO is a lot of work, with proper training it can become a breeze.

With this deal, we bring you the complete SEO course bundle. This bundle is a combination of two hotselling SEO courses.

1.  SEO Strategies- Beginner to Advanced Tactics

2. #1 Way To Rank In Google SEO: Link Building 

With this complete SEO bundle, you will have the requisite knowledge to be able to rank your website higher, bring more high-quality traffic, and generate more sales!

What are the type of businesses which can be promoted with the learnings?

  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Barbershop
  • Nightclub
  • Local event
  • Business selling t-shirts
  • Most kinds of stores ranging from boutiques to grocery stores to jewelry shops
  • Animal care or grooming
  • Lawn care or landscaping businesses
  • Moving businesses
  • Gym
  • Frozen yogurt or ice cream shop
  • Sandwich shop
  • A beauty salon or a hair salon
  • Spa, daycare business
  • Hardware store
  • Commercial cleaning or residential cleaning
  • Car wash
  • General contractor business
  • Dog walking or pet sitting
  • Martial arts studio, or a dance studio

Who is the target audience for the complete SEO course bundle?

  • This course is great for website owners
  • This course is great for entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to increase traffic to their website

1. Course Curriculum -SEO Strategies – Beginner to Advanced Tactics

Course Introduction: Watch This First To Understand What You Get From The Course

  • SEO First Lecture (1:37)
  • SEO Competitor Keyword Research (1:56)

SEO fundamentals

  • SEO Intro Lecture (1:16)
  • History Of SEO (6:11)
  • SEO And New Sites (1:58)
  • Top 5 SEO Mistakes (3:08)
  • Page Rank And Domain Authority (2:02)

Keyword research

  • Keyword Research Introduction (1:29)
  • Keyword Research Walkthrough (7:17)
  • Advanced Keyword Targeting (3:56)
  • Keyword Exercise (1:26)
  • Targeting long tail vs. short tail keywords (6:44)

On page SEO

  • On-site and on page SEO (3:29)
  • Keyword density and using keywords intelligently (2:13)
  • NEW Anatomy of a good page for SEO (7:17)
  • Cornerstone SEO pages (3:43)
  • NEW Gray hat SEO, when keyword stuffing is ok and when not to do it (5:57)
  • Interlink your own pages for an SEO boost (2:59)
  • Advanced on-page whitehat interlinking strategy to boost your SEO (3:20)
  • NEW What to look for in links how to know if you are getting a good one (6:41)

Off page SEO & Link-building

  • Off-site and off page SEO (2:23)
  • Do follow vs. no follow links (3:11)
  • How to get links from getting press coverage and publicity (10:37)
  • Blogging and guest blogging for SEO (8:05)
  • Social media links (1:12)
  • NEW NOV 5th, 2014 How to get more retweets and boost your Twitter AND SEO (8:47)
  • NEW One of the oldest white hat link building techniques that still work (3:30)
  • Forum posting for SEO discussion (2:09)
  • Directory submission for SEO. Agencies will sell this to you. Don’t do this (0:42)
  • Blog commenting for SEO thoughts (2:09)
  • Revive Old Posts WordPress plugin to boost pages by sharing and SEO (3:12)

Smart and Savvy SEO!

  •  Smart non-Google SEO. No, this IS NOT about Yahoo or Bing (6:53)
  • Dominate Googles top 10 results and rank almost any page in Google top 10 (5:13)
  • NEW-The secret white-hat strategy to blow away competition (5:48)
  • NEW-SEO thumbnail and logo secret with case study (6:25)
  • NEW-How to write good headlines that increase clickthrough (5:35)
  • SEO via established sites. SEO is not only about making your site rank in Google (2:55)
  • NEW Example of how to use authoritative and established sites to rank in Google (7:31)
  • Paid search and marketing with Google Adwords (3:11)
  • NEW Powerful SEO strategy that almost no one talks about (4:35)
  • NEW Growth hack to use Quora for SEO, YouTube SEO and to get traffic (8:08)
  • NEW How to cheaply get a lot of Facebook engagement and boost SEO (6:36)
  • NEW How to rank almost any SEO page (7:03)
  • NEW Google Plus posts to boost SEO (5:51)
  • ALL online algorithm DOMINATION (9:28)
  • NewRankingFactorsVideo (2:14)

SEO penalties! Very important – don’t get penalized! 2 Lectures

  • Start 054 SEO penalty-Panda (1:46)
  • Start 055 SEO penalty-Penguin (1:21)

2. Course Curriculum -#1 way to rank in Google SEO: Link building

Course introduction section

  • Start New Link Building Intro Video (2:16)

What to know about a link to tell if it is good

  • What makes a link good relevance, authority and more (6:41)
  • No follow vs. follow links (6:37)

Ranking factors

  • Start Latest SEO research for top ranking factors- links are extremely important (10:59)

How to get links

  • Start-Latest SEO research for top ranking factors links are extremely important (10:59)
  • Before getting links, have something worthwhile to link to (4:28)
  • Link begging (2:45)
  • Viral or great content (3:03)
  • Link bait and controversy (2:52)
  • Events and SEO (6:11)
  • Looking at competitors links (1:51)
  • Google alerts (1:22)
  • Drawing links with cornerstone content (3:43)
  • Links from your profile on different websites. Crunchbase is an example (1:27)
  • Interlink your own pages (2:59)
  • Create links from a page to the same page for extra SEO boost (3:20)
  • Long-term make your business an authoritative brand (2:12)
  • Blogging and guest blogging for links and SEO Only good guest blogging sites (8:05)
  • Build relationships and ask your professional contacts to link to you (1:39)
  • Pay for product reviews comes with a link (2:02)
  • Getting links by putting on events very effective (3:21)
  • Social linking and re-sharing (1:36)
  • Post job openings (1:21)
  • Create discount offers and post them on discount websites (2:05)
  • Sponsoring events (1:15)

How to get .edu links from authoritative universities

  • How To Get Edu Links With Internship (2:17)
  • Get Edu Links With Scholarship (1:23)
  • Discounts And ResourcesFor EDU Links (1:10)

Get publicity, clients and links with press releases

  • Section introduction (1:14)
  • How to write a press release Segment 1 (6:35)
  • How to write a press release Segment 2 (6:41)
  • SEO for your press release (1) (4:46)
  • Publicity (10:37)
  • How to be effective at pitching HARO to get more publicity and links Segment 1 (7:42)
  • How to be effective at pitching HARO to get more publicity and links Segm

Google penalty targeting bad links and how to avoid it

  • Penguin penalty targeting links (5:18)
  • Don’t get links from directories, blog comments, article websites online (3:41)

Your Instructor for the complete SEO course bundle – Alex Genadinik

Alex is a best selling self-published author, mobile app entrepreneur, and business coach.

His apps have been downloaded over 1M+ times. He knows how to start businesses, generates sales, market products, and help you build the life of your dreams.

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