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The possibilities of current web technologies have increased to a level where it’s really hard to keep up with the new developments.

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox release their new versions month after month. To keep websites compatible will be a day job and a nightmare to handle.

Today’s deal will help you tackle the cross browser compatibility issues- The Cross Browser Handbook by Daniel Herken

What You will Learn From This Cross Browser Handbook:


cross browser handbook

Learn what basic steps you can take to minimize your cross browser compatibility problems. Learn which best practices you can follow to minimize cross browser and cross-device compatibility issues.

  • Why you should care about cross browser compatibility issues
  • How browsers are designed and developed
  • How to use a proper DOCTYPE
  • How to handle Internet Explorers compatibility modes
  • How to override the default browser styling

Modern Technology Usage


Learn how to use HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript while maintaining browser compatibility. Even if you need to maintain compatibility with older browsers you can use modern technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3

  • What HTML5 and CSS3 features are available
  • How are the current browser and mobile device support
  • How to get these new features working in older browsers
  • Why and which JavaScript framework you can use
  • All about JavaScript quirks and bugs

Testing Compatability

cross browser handbook

Use the best tools you can get to cross-browser and cross-device test your websites.A good cross-browser testing solution can significantly reduce your time spent testing. Learn what the best available solutions are.

  • Why use cross-browser testing solutions
  • What testing solutions are available today
  • A rundown of desktop and web testing solutions
  • How to test for mobile devices and tablets

You can choose your bundle from the popularly available choices!

Depending on the bundle you choose, you will get access to all or some of the following:

  • The book (120 Pages, PDF)
  • Access to the Knowledgebase
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • 5 x Code Templates (Basic, Web Forms, Multimedia, Web Application, All features)
  • 4 x Code Workshops (Semantics, Multimedia, Web Forms, CSS 3)

Here are the popular bundles available for you:

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About The Author


Daniel Herken has been a contract software developer in Germany for the past years, specializing in cross-browser and cross-device web development. His company, BrowseEmAll, has created a cross browser testing tool to help his fellow developer’s test websites. In this book, he describes his knowledge gained by hundreds of hours searching and fixing cross-browser compatibility problems. He currently lives in Munich and loves to chat about browsers, mobile devices, and web development.

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