Freebie – 4 Legal Forms for Any Online Business

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E-commerce is a boon today… but it can be misused too.

Security and Privacy are key concerns of this online world.

That’s why today’s freebie is a must for anyone who has an online presence.

A set of 4 legal forms to make your website legally compliant

Sneak Peek into these 4 free legal forms-

1. Website Development Agreement

Whether you are a developer or an individual or business seeking the services of a developer, you want to have a website development agreement in place before any work begins.

A website development agreement is useful in clarifying the relationship between the parties and includes provisions relating to the scope of services involved, ownership of intellectual property, payment, and timing.

2. Terms of Use

If you are an online business and have a website, you will need a Terms of Use in place.

This agreement governs the relationship between users via the website and addresses topics such as creation and termination of accounts, ownership of content, and restrictions on use.

3. Privacy Policy

Similar to a Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy is an essential document to have on your website as it addresses a website’s collection, disclosure and use of information that is transmitted through the site.

4. Trademark Assignment Agreement

Trademarks allow a business to build brand value because it prevents others from using the same mark in their line of business.

If you are looking to buy or sell a trademark, a Trademark Assignment Agreement is useful in documenting the transfer of ownership of the mark as well as the purchase price paid for the mark.

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