Freebie: X-Mirage – Pro AirPlay server

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Mirror your iPhone, iPad and iPod screen to any Mac or Windows PC.


If you’ve ever wanted to view your iPhone/iPad screen on a larger screen, then you’re in good hands. The guys at X-Mirage created an app just for that – to wirelessly stream contents or mirror iPhone, iPad and iPod screen to any Mac/Windows PC.

X-Mirage turns your Mac and Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver for mirroring whatever on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen – apps, games, photos, videos, presentations, websites and more to the bigger screen.

And the best part is that it streams everything. Either if you are playing a game, watching a movie or doing a presentation, X-Mirage will stream that for you.


Teachers can then mirror class material to computer, then to the projector, smartboard or HDTV while their fingers are moving on the iPad.

Employees, businessmen just need to prepare presentations on any iPhone or iPad for mirroring to the Mac/PC when needed.

For iOS app developers or designers, show your iOS app to the bigger computer screen for presentation to attract more people’s attention.


Main features:

  • Mirror – Mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or PC, wirelessly. AirPlay Mirroring makes it simple to project the screen of iOS devices to your computer.
  • Multiple devices – Mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac or PC. You can name your computer to distinguish it from other AirPlay receivers. Invite your friends to mirror your favorite games to the same computer and compete with each other. Sharing has never been so easy.
  • One-click recording – Make demo videos, app design or showcasing, record lessons for students, record iOS games, iOS app tutorials. Whatever you do on your iOS devices can be recorded, then exported.

More info about X-Mirage is available at their website.

For a limited time, you can get X-Mirage for free.

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You will get X-Mirage for mac and Windows as an instant download