Full collection: 3000 vectorial SVG + PNG icons MegaPack

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In this deal, we present you the full vector icon pack from Inmotus Design, which consists of 3000 icons in SVG and PNG format. The SVG icons are in vectorial format so you may resize them to any size while the PNG icons are available in 3 sizes: Large (height of 150px), Medium (height of 64px) and small (height of 32px).

These icons are made in late 2015 which means that they follow the latest design requirements and trends.

The regular price for these icons is $700 but from us you may get them for just $19.

All of the 3000 icons are classified into different categories and stored in different folders, which will make the workflow much easier for developers or designers.
vector icon pack - 1

Below is the full preview of vector icon pack you will get from this deal. In the below preview, the icons are not arranged by categories but in the archive you will receive from this deal, the icons will be arranged in different folders according to their category.

vector icon pack - preview1

The regular price for these icons is $700 but from us you can get them for just $19.

Deal Terms:
You will get all 3000 icons in a zip archive.