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Create Your Own Space With A .SPACE Domain

In today’s digital world, your brand is your web address, your .Space!

With a .Space domain name, build a digital brand that is modern, disruptive & credible, and represents you!

A .Space domain is a canvas for freelancers, artists, hobbyists, photographers and all other individuals and businesses looking for a domain name that inspires creativity.

How will the .Space domain benefit you?

  • Reflect your expertise by definitively owning your digital space
  • Build your brand without compromise and take charge of your online presence
  • Create a strong positioning that centers around credibility, innovation & disruption
  • Differentiate yourself and effectively define what you stand for

Who Can Use The .Space Domain?

If you are passionate about what you do, then .space is the perfect domain choice for your online presence.

Who Can Use The Dot Space Domain

Not Convinced On Getting A .SPACE Domain Yet?

Here are some more reasons for joining the .space clan.

  • Get more distinctive and memorable with a domain that incites high recall.
  • Help search find your website easily by choosing an easy and specific domain name.
  • Rank higher on search results with simple keywords as your domain name.
  • Move to your new domain easily with the tools offered by .Space.
  • Get creative domain name options with .Space’s name suggestion tool.
  • Become a part of the early adopters who use a domain exclusively associated with creativity.
  • Make your personal web address simpler with a domain starting with your name and ending with .Space.
  • If you are among the 157k+ websites that already have the word “space” in them, shorten the domain name and separate your brand from the word space.
  • If your domain name is one of the 66k+ names that already end with the word space, make your URL more concise.

Pricing Plans

1 Year

  • Original price: $15
  • Deal price: $1.99

5 Year

  • Original price: $75
  • Deal price: $14.99

10 Year

  • Original price: $150
  • Deal price: $34.99

You are just a click away from craving your space… Get the .Space Domain Starting At Just $1.99

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  • Standard domain renewals will be applicable after the registration period. Domains can be renewed either on or any other registrar of your choice.
  • Support is available 24×7 throughout the license period. Please write to for technical or any other queries.
  • In the case of Domain transfers to other registrars, transfer fees may apply.
  • Radix reserves the right to deny use of this offer and/or cancel domains purchased using this offer if the offer is abused or used fraudulently, as determined by Radix in its sole discretion.