Checkbot – The Best Chrome Extension For SEO, Speed & Security Audits

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$99 $39

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Boost Your Search Rank With This Ultimate Google Chrome SEO Extension

Checkbot is a Google Chrome SEO plugin that will boost the SEO, speed and security of your website.

In just a few clicks, you can test 100s of pages at once for broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, redirect chains, and the 50+ other website issues described in Checkbot’s web best practices guide.

Test unlimited sites as often as you want including local development sites to keep on top of problems and stop critical issues going live.

Checkbot has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the Chrome Web Store and is being used by over 15,000 active users. Join them now and start improving your website today!


Boost Your SEO, Speed And Security

Checkbot will guide you on how to improve your search rank, accelerate your page loading and harden your security to make the most out of your site.

Check All The Sites You Work On

Checkbot lets you crawl unlimited sites as often as you want so you can check every site you’re involved with after you make changes to keep on top of issues.

Stop Problems Before They Go Live

Test staging and local development sites with Checkbot to catch critical issues before they impact your users or search rank.

Save Time On Manual Testing

Checkbot will effortlessly and reliably test 100s of pages for you in minutes so you don’t have to do tedious manual checks yourself.

Uncover Hard To Spot Problems

Checkbot’s ability to rapidly and comprehensively test 100s of pages will reveal problems on your site in places you didn’t think to check.

Get Immediate Feedback

Don’t wait days for your search results or Google Search Console to update. Use Checkbot’s Google Chrome SEO extension to get instant feedback on the impact of your website changes.

checkbot google chrome SEO extension dashboard


Investigate Issues

Track down problems with convenient shortcuts to show incoming links to a URL, page source code, URL response headers, redirect chains and more.

Explore Your Site Structure

Browse all URLs found during a crawl. Examine internal links, list all image/JavaScript/CSS files, review non-indexable pages, explore redirects and more.

Check Private & Local Sites

Check your site in all stages of development by crawling staging and local sites, password protected pages and sites on private networks.

Customise Crawls

Focus your testing on the parts of your site you’re currently interested in. Limit the URLs crawled by subdomain, subfolder, search depth, pattern and type.

Export To CSV

Export lists of URLs with problems to CSV format so you can share the data with team members, compile custom reports and perform your own further analysis.

In-app Guidance

Checkbot contains detailed help that explains what problems were found, why they should be fixed and how to fix them so you don’t need to be an expert.

Quick & Easy To Install

Add Checkbot to your browser in seconds with a few clicks to use alongside your favourite web development tools.

checkbot SEO unique titles


Why Pay For Checkbot Pro?

Checkbot Basic (Free)

  • For small websites
  • 250 URLs per crawl
  • Contains ads

Checkbot Pro ($39)

  • For large sites & advanced features
  • 10,000 URLs per crawl
  • Unlimited crawls
  • Unlimited sites
  • Ad-free
  • Crawl localhost URLs
  • CSV export & bulk export
  • HTTP Auth password support
  • Skip URLs by pattern & type
  • Constraint pages crawled
  • Customise crawler User-Agent

Make Your Website Fast, Secure and Search Engine Friendly With Checkbot’s Google Chrome SEO Extension For Just $39

Checkbot User Reviews

Checkbot has an average user review score of 4.9 out of 5 on the Chrome Web Store. Take a look at some of the reviews.

Really slick, took me less than an hour to compile a list of things we had overlooked in our rush to launch. As a product manager, I really appreciate it.
– Hardi Kõvamees

Super tool, I’ve found many different errors and suggestions how to improve my website. High-five for CSV export! Very easy and understandable UX.
– Stjepan Treger

My new go-to tool for quick website performance assessment! Very intuitive, no useless feature. Definitely recommend!
– Baptiste Saugeron

Very helpful and with so much deeper information linked. Love to work for those green checkmarks!
– Nick Rockx

Love this extension! Shows me everything relating to my website (redirects, alt tags missing, sitemap, safety and more!) and allows me to make sure I’ve done everything possible for a client.
– Victoria Larsh

Deal Terms

  • Subscription sold at $39 for the first year. Subsequent year onwards, pay the regular price as stated on the website for renewal.
  • One subscription is usable by a single user on unlimited devices.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Contact support via for queries and to update your subscription details.
  • Reselling or sharing of the subscription is prohibited.