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Having a great product is simply not enough – you need to present it to your audience in an entertaining, compelling and engaging way!
In this age of short attention spans, the best way to engage with your audience is via crisp videos.

Create 3D Explainer Product Videos that are entertaining, engaging and compelling!
Great Explainer videos are among the best ways to introduce customers to your products or business in an entertaining way.
However, because of the high cost of this types of videos (some agencies charge up to $10,000 to produce such videos), few businesses take full advantage of this simple and efficient method.
So why not Do It Yourself, instead?

With this video course, Learn How to Create Brilliant 3D Explainer Videos for Your Business, you’ll get the lowdown on everything from scripting to storyboarding to even marketing.
Through more than 100 video lectures, you’ll get a good grip on 6 Adobe products to make creating great Explainer videos a snap!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone in business who wants to demand attention from their customers!
  • Great for beginners and anyone with a keen interest in animation and visual effects, looking to brush up their knowledge
  • Freelancers who would like to create videos for their clients

What will you learn?

  • How to define exactly who your customer is, and what they want
  • Photoshop CC training for creating your storyboard
  • After Effects CC training for animation and visual effects
  • Illustrator CC training for editing artwork and preparing for animation
  • Flash CC training for customising flash animations
  • Audition CC training for mastering the voiceover
  • Premiere CC training for editing and producing the final 3D animation


  • With this course, you will learn how to make a professional 3D Explainer video.
  • Learn the needed skills to create your own 3D Explainer Video from scriptwriting to shooting a video to hiring an illustrator and marketing your work.
  • Digest information at your own pace as you watch 111 lectures spread out over 11.5 hours!
  • Master 6 Adobe Programs (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Audition, Premiere) with a 30 day free trial for each.
  • The course also gives you advanced access to more than 1,000 Customizable Explainer Video Templates!
  • Using Photoshop CC, you’ll get trained in the art of creating storyboards.
  • Get trained in animation and visual effects using After Effects CC.
  • Edit artwork and prepare for animation with Illustrator CC.
  • Flash CC training will teach you how to customize Flash animation.
  • Discover how to master voiceovers using Audition CC.
  • Put it all together by editing and producing the final 3D animation for your project with Premiere CC training.
  • This course is great for beginners and is targeted at anyone with a keen interest in animation and visual effects.
  • This course features free artwork to practice on and 12 interactive projects to help you throughout your learning.

Testimonial from a happy student

You aren’t just going to learn here how to shoot the video, how to use the software, how to animate 3D figures. No. You’ll learn all that plus how to write a script, how to market your video (and your business), and how to hire an illustrator. This is truly a comprehensive course. The instructor breaks everything down in small, easy-to-understand steps so as not to overwhelm you.

– Sally Apokedak, just one of 3500+ students who have taken this course on Udemy.

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