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Attempting to juggle each and every one of your social media accounts can be tricky, scary, and time-consuming.

Postblazer is your solution. Make life as easy as possible while managing social media (for Facebook & Twitter) by automating posting, running multiple pages, & driving growth.

Key features:

  • Schedule & queue posts in advance
  • Easily view analytics data
  • Effectively manage customer service
  • Set separate publishing times for photos, videos & links
  • Invite others to manage the profiles/pages

Watch how to manage multiple social media accounts with Postblazer

Post Blazer is a web app that allows anyone to manage multiple social media accounts, save time, increase social media engagement and get more traffic.

What all is included:

  • 50 connected social profiles/pages (for Facebook and Twitter only)
  • 4500 posts on EACH profile/page every month
  • Multi upload of photos and links
  • Easy Facebook account switcher
  • Advanced queueing system – Set separate publishing times for photos, videos, and links

Plans & Pricing of PostBlazer:


Postblazer Pricing - manage multiple social media accounts

Testimonials –

“I run multiple pages and Postblazer makes my busy life manageable. I got it. You get it.”Tim

“Love it! The multi-scheduling is very powerful.”Jill

Postblazer helps me grow my social network, and I finally get some time away from the computer.”Zach Kidman

Grab this ultimate tool to manage multiple social media accounts for just $39

Deal Terms –

  • The membership is the PostBlazer Pro membership (the most expensive one they currently offer). Compare plans & pricing here –
  • Customers will have a lifetime subscription to this membership so they can use it forever.
  • A single user can manage 50 social profiles on his own. It doesn’t matter if he’s managing his own accounts, or if he’s managing accounts for customers.
  • Free customer support, maintenance, and minor updates forever. You can contact Post Blazer for any sort of query here

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