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Attempting to juggle each and every one of your social media accounts can be tricky, scary, and time-consuming.

Postblazer is your solution. Make life as easy as possible while managing social media (for Facebook & Twitter) by automating posting, running multiple pages, & driving growth.

Key features:

  • Schedule & queue posts in advance
  • Easily view analytics data
  • Effectively manage customer service
  • Set separate publishing times for photos, videos & links
  • Invite others to manage the profiles/pages

Watch how to manage multiple social media accounts with Postblazer

Post Blazer is a web app that allows anyone to manage multiple social media accounts, save time, increase social media engagement and get more traffic.

What all is included:

  • 50 connected social profiles/pages (for Facebook and Twitter only)
  • 4500 posts on EACH profile/page every month
  • Multi upload of photos and links
  • Easy Facebook account switcher
  • Advanced queueing system – Set separate publishing times for photos, videos, and links

Plans & Pricing of PostBlazer:


Postblazer Pricing - manage multiple social media accounts

Testimonials –

“I run multiple pages and Postblazer makes my busy life manageable. I got it. You get it.”Tim

“Love it! The multi-scheduling is very powerful.”Jill

Postblazer helps me grow my social network, and I finally get some time away from the computer.”Zach Kidman

Grab this ultimate tool to manage multiple social media accounts for just $39

Deal Terms –

  • The membership is the PostBlazer Pro membership (the most expensive one they currently offer). Compare plans & pricing here –
  • Customers will have a lifetime subscription to this membership so they can use it forever.
  • A single user can manage 50 social profiles on his own. It doesn’t matter if he’s managing his own accounts, or if he’s managing accounts for customers.
  • Free customer support, maintenance, and minor updates forever. You can contact Post Blazer for any sort of query here

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  • rodneygarcia

    I like the features and potential of this product. But I do not have much information about this other than what is on the site and the demo video. Do you have other videos and demo or discuss the product. I’m really hoping you do so I can make a decision.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your interest in Postblazer. While we don’t have any other demo tutorial you can try the free version of the web app at Please keep in mind that the free version doesn’t have the premium features that you’ll get in case you decide to purchase your license at Greedeals. But the free demo allows you to check out and test the platform which will surely help you decide if you’d like to purchase Postblazer or not.

  • Hi,

    Yes, you can. When you purchase your license in GreeDeals, you can simply forward your receipt to, and please provide your free account username. With that data, they can manually upgrade your free account to the premium one.

    Don’t activate your premium license code on your own, or the system will ask you for a new account. But if you email them, they can do it for you.

$2400 $39
One time fee

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$2400 $39
One time fee

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Save - $2361
Save - 98%
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