Monitor Your Website’s Uptime, Speed and Functions

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Website crashes result in millions of losses for major e-commerce giants like Amazon and Macy’s. Your website revenue can also be affected due to crashes.

Luckily for you, Super Monitoring has got your back!

With Super Monitoring always be the first to know when your website is down, slow or malfunctioning.


  • Monitor your website’s availability (uptime)
  • Watch your server performance (response times)
  • Check your content (phrase matching)
  • Test your web forms
  • Measure full-page loading time (page speed)
  • Test your website’s features and processes (scenario-based transaction monitoring)
  • Detect unauthorized changes to your important files (verify checksums)
  • Alert you by e-mail and SMS
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!
  • Integrate with your own application via API

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“We need monitoring because we closely watch the uptime and performance of our portal.
Super Monitoring does the job very well.”

– Jim Intihar (

“We really needed service like Super Monitoring. Thanks to Super Monitoring reports we know the real uptime of our website. Their alerts let us react to problems immediately. It helps us not to lose customers and be sure our website is up.”

– Peter Zvirinsky (

“Super Monitoring detects failures flawlessly and doesn’t bother you with false alarms. Just like it’s supposed to.”

– Marek Bendkowski (

Monitor your website anytime, anywhere for only $99!

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