44-In-1 Time-lapse Video Bundle

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Finding high-quality time-lapses can be hard

This was the main inspiration for creating this high-quality bundle.

Timelapse photography is gaining momentum especially in viral videos on the internet. Time-lapse videos are often used to show a change in the environment over a period of time. Time-lapse photography is a technique where the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back.

This bundle contains 12 nordic nature landscapes video time-lapses + 15 nature & cityscape and 17 nature and cityscape video time lapse for your next project, from video production to web design and presentations!

Some key highlights of this bundle:

• 3K Hi-Res time lapse video files
• 44 total video files in .mp4 format• 3455 x 2304 px, 24 fps, h.264 codec, .mp4 files
• Nordic landscape nature videos
• Scotland, Norway, England, Italy, Georgia, Russia and UAE locations
• Isle of Sky Scotland and Lofoten and Senja, Norway
• Mountains, lake, valley, trees, forest, sky, sunshine, clouds, fog and other natural wonders
• Skyscrapers, bridges, open squares, metro and even castle in Scotland, England, Dubai, St Petersburg and Moscow locations, university, hotel, opera and house complex in Oslo and Moscow locations
• Daytime, sunset and night scenes

Let’s take a closer look at this bundle:

The North





The Time


The Shift


You can use this bundle for:

• Video production
• Web design
• Promo
• Presentations
• Landing pages
• Backgrounds
• Video promo
• Blogs
• Hero/Header section

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