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If you want to showcase your products or workstations in a really unique and professional way than this deal is for you. We have partnered with the famous designer and art-director Ruslan Latypov to bring you this bundle with 4 Premium Mockup Scene Generator.

With this bundle, you can create fantastic and realistic scenes of your workstation or product without being an expert in Photoshop.

If you would have to buy these items individually, you would have to pay $129 for them but from us, you may buy all of them for just $39.

The following Mockup Scene Generators are included in the bundle:

1: I Am Creator [Top View] – 7 GB

This mockup scene creator allows you to create your own unique scenes just by dragging and dropping items into a special scene. Just select a background, drop items that you like and finalize a scene by selecting premade adjustment layers.

It includes:
Scene Creator (psd)
218 items (12 psd)
8 Sample Scenes (8 psd)
Help File (1 pdf)

You can create unique items by pasting your design, text, logo or illustration. Just open a smart object, paste your design and save. The item will be updated automatically.

Ruslan spent lots of time and efforts to find the most beautiful unique items, model, render and retouch them and make color masks for almost every material. They have been carefully selecting only the best, the rarest and most beautiful items. Unique themes – that’s what distinguishes this pack from others.

Here are some images from this mockup scene generator:

mockup scene creator - Features_and_scenes
mockup scene creator - All_items

2: I Am Creator [Perspective Edition] – 7.7 GB

Huge Graphic Pack for creating environments with a lot of features. Create Environments for: Branding, Art, Calligraphy, Typography, Architect. Create Prints, Websites. Showcase your work.

Contains 244 items in 16 packs:

  • Notepads
  • Cards
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Packages
  • Paper Mockups
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Old Boxes
  • Artist environemnt
  • Pen and Pencils
  • Devices
  • Calligraphy tools
  • Environment
  • Texture Blocks
  • Pressforms


  • Extremely High Resolution – Big resolution and excellent quality of items, allows you to create really huge scenes for big Retina screens or print projects
  • Layered Transparent Shadows – All shadows are in separate and transparent layer, that allows you to adjust the contrast of it for better result. Also now it’s easy to export them
  • One scene for all – All items made in the same scene and same lighting setup, so they are works great with each other
  • Color Masks for Every Material – Every material of every item has a color mask, so it’s very easy to change color and customize every item. Note: If item made in one material there is no mask to it, because of no need, you can just add adjustment layer to whole item
  • Realistic Mockups – Just insert text or logo into smartobject and it will automatically changed on item. High quality effects give a photorealistic result

Files included in archive:
Scene Creator (1 psd)
244 items (16 psd)
33 Sample Scenes (33 psd)

Check out some demos from this mockup scene creator:
mockup scene creator - Cover

mockup scene creator - Features

mockup scene creator - Scenes1

mockup scene creator - Items1

3: Fancy Items Scene Generator – 6.3 GB

“Fancy Items Scene Generator” awesome graphic pack contains 440+ items inspired by the works of the best industrial designers. Made for those who are tired of boring identical «Mockup Scene Creator», for those who want to really diversify own works.

All items are created in a big resolution and excellent quality, that allows you to create really huge scenes, can be used for Retina big screens and for print projects. Check the resolution of every item on the list of objects before buy.

There are a lot of Mockups. Double click at smart object, paste your text (or logo, or design) and text will changed on item.

Very handy and easy to use. Every item was modeled, rendered and retouched. All items made in the in the same lightning setup, and rendered with a SuperTele camera for minimum perspective distortion (but it’s not orthogonal). The shadow is in separated layer.

Use it for Websites, Banners, Hero Images, Header Images, Facebook Covers, Presentations, Apps, Book Covers, Flyers, etc. There is no limitation where and how you can use it.

Bevelizator. Special Mockup that made your text beveled, for placing on the wall, it is made in the same scene lightning setup as all other items. Add fillet and shadow to your text. Your text will adapt for generated scenes and works great with items.

22 Pre-made scenes included.

mockup scene creator - fancy_none-o

mockup scene creator - Features

mockup scene creator - Scenes

mockup scene creator - Items

4: Lovely Items Scene Creator – 1.2 GB

Greatest pack for creating Lovely Scenes. With 160+ items you can create unlimited variations of header/hero images. Every item was modeled, textured, rendered and retouched. Layered shadow in multiply mode for realistic view. Very handy and easy to use.

Contains different postcards, valentine’s cards, pockets, valentine’s hearts, flowers, 3d typography, keys, candies, candles, plates, matches, bows, ribbons, cookies and many other items.




Deal terms:
Items are provided as instant download. You may use them for multiple projects.