Become A Game Designer – Ultimate Design And Development Course

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Do you love playing video games and someday dream of developing one?

To become a video game developer, you will need to be well trained as both a programmer and an artist.

This is why you will not only learn how to code amazing video games, you will also need to be a great artist with advanced knowledge of 3D animation and modeling, 2D design, and digital painting.

The School of Game Design helps you learn game development and design at your own pace, giving you access to an enormous library of step-by-step training videos.


  • Access over 120 hours of easy to follow, step-by-step video training with access to all additional
    or updated training
  • Receive support from instructors & professionals with over 16 years of game industry
  • Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of dollars in royalty-free game art & textures
  • Learn how to make advanced 2D & 3D games that you can publish anywhere
  • Master computer modeling & animation techniques
  • Develop both coding & digital artistry skills
  • No prior experience required in coding

Who is this course for:

  • Experienced coders who want to improve their knowledge
  • Designers who want to master digital painting and graphics design
  • Anyone who wants to make a career in game development

What will I learn:

2D Game Design:

In this first section, you will be learning 2D game design with the software GameSalad. This incredibly fun series will teach you all you need to know in order to start making your own 2D games. Whether you want to make a classic platformer like Super Mario Bros. or physics-based games like Angry Birds, this series of training videos will have you building awesome games in just a few hours.

1. Introduction
2. Working with 2D physics
3. Creating a 2D platformer
4. Creating a Flappy Bird
5. Creating an indie platformer

3D Game Design:

In this section, you will be learning the powerful game engine Unity3D. Unity has been used by countless game studios and indie developers all over the world to make games for major consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, as well as iPhone and Android devices.

1. Getting started with Unity3D
2. Introduction to coding in C#
3. Mastering the fundamentals of Unity3D
4. Building the first game level
5. Creating a boss battle
6. Working with particles7
7. Creating Crossy Road

Computer Animation:

In this section, you will dive right into powerful 3D applications like Maya, 3DS Max, and Mudbox. As always we will start things off by reviewing the UI and many other fundamentals before moving on to more advanced tutorials which have you building complex characters and scenes in no time.

1. Introduction to Maya
2. Maya polygon modeling
3. Maya to Unity3D workflow
4. Introduction to 3DS Max
5. 3DS Max polygon modeling
6. 3DS Max to Unity3D workflow
7. Digital sculpting with Mudbox

Graphic Design:

In this graphic design section, you will learn basic fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help make you that all-around powerhouse of a game designer. As we mentioned before, being well versed in both the programming and design aspects of game design will be extremely beneficial in the gaming industry.

1. Introduction to Photoshop
2. Photoshop pro tips and tricks
3. Creating a safari icon
4. Working with the warp tool
5. Creating a pop out effect
6. Animation basics
7. Introduction to Illustrator

Digital Painting:

In this section, you will dive right into Photoshop’s more painterly side. You will be working on design concepts and learning to create character ideas and scene sketches to get your thoughts across more quickly.

1. Introduction to digital painting
2. Intermediate digital painting
3. Intermediate creature design
4. Advanced creature design
5. Character design
6. Environment design
7. Advanced character illustration

See what you can achieve with this course:

See what happy students have to say:

“I honestly didn’t think it was possible to develop advanced video games without spending a ton of money on a college. I have learned more with you guys over the past month, then I did over the last 2 years at my art school which claims to have one of the best game design programs around”

– Deina

“The entire 2nd grade at our school is enrolled in your online game design courses, and our
entire staff is so impressed at the training your school is providing. It’s amazing to see all the
games our kids are making. You guys are masters at teaching this stuff!”

– Karen

“I want to thank all of my teachers here at the School of Game Design. Thank you for helping
me make my first iPhone game so awesome. I can’t wait to make more games!”

– Kelly

“So well done! What more can I say about the fantastic instruction and support all of you guys
have given me! It’s been my life’s dream to design video games!”

– Harrison

Grab this amazing game design course at only $29!

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  • This course bundle cannot be downloaded. You can stream videos online
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • School of Game Design is not affiliated with the software they teach
  • System Requirements: 4GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.9 or later, Windows (10, 8.1)
  • Software requirements are listed in the FAQ section
  • For support email at [email protected]