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$500 $19

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It is not easy to be a web designer. Seeing a finished project is pretty cool, but it’s a long way to that. And coding from scratch is one of the issues.

Wanting to help you save some time and spare you of all that stress, together with the guys from MatchThemes we brought you an awesome web bundle with lots of Responsive WordPress Templates, Themes and HTML5 Templates!

You will get:
– 6 Premium Responsive WordPress Templates
– 6 Premium HTML5 Templates
– 3 HTML5 Sliders & Galleries

All these templates are fully responsive and compatible with all major browsers. The items have a clean, modern look, and the code is well structured. They can also be easily modified in just a couple of minutes and if you need a little help – each template has a very useful documentation that will be of great use!

All these resources come with a multi-use license allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.

The regular price for this entire bundle of more than $500, but for a limited time you can get them on GreeDeals for just $19 .

Premium Responsive WordPress Templates

Responsive WordPress Templates - atrium_wp_wide

Cafe House

Responsive WordPress Templates - cafehouse_wp_wide


Responsive WordPress Templates - lawyers-wp

Take a Brake
Responsive WordPress Templates - takeabreak_wp_wide

Dental Clinic
Responsive WordPress Templates - dentalClinicWPTheme

Responsive WordPress Templates - xTimeWp

HTML5 Templates

Dental Clinic
Responsive WordPress Templates - dentalClinicHtmlTemplate

Responsive WordPress Templates - atrium_html_wide

Responsive WordPress Templates - lawyers-wp

Cafe House
Responsive WordPress Templates - cafehouse_html_wide

Take a Break

Responsive WordPress Templates - takeabreak_html

Responsive WordPress Templates - xTimeHtml


Html5 Video Player with Playlist
Responsive WordPress Templates - html5VideoPlayerWide

Collage Photo Gallery with YouTube & Vimeo
Responsive WordPress Templates - collageGallery

jQuery Slide with KenBurns Effect
Responsive WordPress Templates - mediaGridGallery

Deal Terms:

Instant Download

Support provided

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  • Anybody used any of these – any thoughts?

    • I bought the deal. The themes seem well built with good documentation. But there seems to be no support from the developers.

      • Developer has responded. All is good!

        • Spoke to soon! The developer has just told me that he’s not providing updates to purchasers of the bundle. All is not good!

          • Mike Adam

            All is perfect Steve? 🙂 I think is lot of good stuff here for this price.

      • Thanks, upon purchase, 12 months later, same experience. Paid $1.

        • You bought this deal for $1 from us or from another website?

  • how about updates for these themes

    • The theme providers also provide free updates to themes.

      • I have just received an email from Allin at matchthemes.com stating he will NOT be providing updates for purchasers of this bundle.
        If the next WordPress update were to break the themes they would be useless.
        Therefore, if there are no updates, I would like to request a refund?

        • I have talked with theme provider and he said that for future updates you need to send email request at fcbizdev@gmail.com, and you will get the update. The only theme that does not support update is lawyers , because it has a different support process

          • So are you saying that Lawyers cannot be updated!?!
            How do I get updates for the other themes?
            Also, how do I find out when updates are available?

    • I tried contacting the developers, but got no response!?!

      • We will contact the developers and ask them about this. Most probably, they have many support tickets and your are in the waiting line.

  • It’d be nice if I could even download them. Download link doesn’t work! Paid my money, got nothing back!

    • Agnes Knox

      same for me

      • Hi Agnes!

        Can you please try again to download the deal?


    • Hi Steve!

      Can you please try again now? In order to download the deal, you need to log in into your account and to go to “Downloads” section from your account.

      If you get some errors, please tell us.


  • Agnes Knox

    seems like a scam unfortunately. I get a broken download link, the login is buggy, the invoice on the download page doesn’t work either (when clicking on it, a # is displayed in url, meaning it’s an empty link). I wonder if I’ll get a response to my query at all from support. we’ll see….

    • Hi Agnes!

      Can you please tell us on which page do you get the broken link? In order to download the deal, you need to log in into your account and to go to “Downloads” Section from your account.

      I have checked your account and you have the “Web Development Bundle” pack, so you should be able to download it.


    • Hi Agnes!

      Thank you for your support. We had a small technical problem but now it is fixed so you should be able to download the deal. Please try to download the deal once again and if you have any errors, please let us know.


  • Hi All!

    We got a small download bug with this deal, but the issue has been fixed, so everyone can now download the deal from their account.


  • OK! Theme downloaded and installed. Lawyers is a very well built theme compared to others I’ve worked with such as Tesla. However I need some further technical support not covered in the documentation.
    As I bought the theme here and not at Envato, Please can you advise me on how obtain technical support from the developers?

    • Hi Steve! Please contact MatchThemes at support@matchthemes.com and they will provide support for you.

      • Tried that. Got no response!?!

        • We will contact the developers to ask them about this issue. I think that you will receive support, but after a few days, since they have very many support tickets.

          • I think not and, from the silence, it looks like you got no answer too?

          • Hi Steve!

            We have contacted the deal provider and they said that they know about your issue and that you are in queue.

          • I’m happy to report that I the developer finally responded and was able to successfully help me resolve my issue.

$500 $19
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $481
Save - 96%


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    MatchThemes creates awesome, Premium WordPress Themes and HTML5 / CSS3 Templates with lots of cool features.

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$500 $19
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $481
Save - 96%

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