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Maybe you’re looking to build a website for the business you’re bootstrapping from the ground up.

Maybe you’d like to enter the world of web development and are looking for an introduction to coding.

Or maybe you’re just trying to take a step ahead in your career.

Whatever the case, we’ve got a bundle of 4 best-selling web development guides by Robin Nixon –

  • Crash Course on HTML5
  • Crash Course on CSS3
  • Crash Course on Javascript
  • Crash Course on PHP

Comprising over 1,000 pages of information-packed tutorials, together these books will teach you all you need to learn to become a top notch web developer.

These books are recommended reading in educational establishments worldwide and will get you up and be running in all four subjects in no time.

Not yet convinced? Download sample chapters of each book here

This Bundle Of 4 Hot Selling Web Development Guides is by Robin Nixon

1) Robin Nixon’s HTML & HTML5 Crash Course

web development guides - HTML/HTML5

2) Robin Nixon’s CSS & CSS3 Crash Course

web development guides - CSS/CSS3

3) Robin Nixon’s JavaScript Crash Course

web development guides - Javascript

4) Robin Nixon’s PHP Crash Course

web development guides -PHP

A note from the author…


“Since 2006 I have concentrated purely on my writing, and nowadays I have settled on book writing in preference to magazine articles, since they give me an opportunity to properly explain a subject in detail – whereas articles can only ever be a tiny snippet of information tightly compressed into an easily digestible chunk, with large articles usually being serialized rather than published in full. To date I have written over 500 articles and 15 books”

Reader Reviews:

  • The course to start with. It is loaded with examples and exercises. I highly recommend this title.
  • This is a helpful and informative crash course
  • Excellent. Helped explain all the small individual parts
  • I found it much easier than any of the ‘random drawing of an animal’ programming books.
  • It gave me valuable information.
  • An excellent job. It made me feel more than comfortable enough to start working.
  • Great book. Wonderful illustrations, clear instructions, and samples. Makes learning easy.
  • This book is very clear on what to do, why you do it and how you do it.
  • It is very informative, and you will learn.
  • The author clearly knows his stuff.
  • Suitable for beginners. The examples were very useful.
  • Love this kindle book. Definitely, recommend as a great starter for learning from the ground up.
  • Great examples and more complex usage. Good book!
  • This is the perfect book for someone who can pick up ideas quickly but has no experience with any development and makes a great stepping stone to more advanced books.
  • Robin Nixon is probably one of the best, if not the best, a writer in this field… with his uncanny ability to step in the shoes of a beginner.
  • Technical manuals are notorious for not being easily read. This one, however, is well written.
  • This book is an excellent introduction.
  • It is easy to follow, and the way the author presents the information is clear, concise and readily understandable.
  • The examples clearly illustrate the points being made in each lesson.
  • This book helped me.
  • Would recommend it to anyone!
  • If you are learning, struggling, or just need some help, this is the book for you.
  • The author starts with the basics and moves into more advanced concepts slowly.
  • The chapters are short, yet detailed enough to provide good examples and hold your interest.
  • If you are a fast learner who likes to learn by examples, I think you will benefit from this.
  • The presentation is very logical with references to official guides provided throughout.
  • I will be picking up Robin’s other crash course guides here shortly to add to my library.
  • I like the fact that they are all relatively recent and current.
  • An excellent tool for anyone.
  • Written for the novice, it takes you through each example step by step.
  • A great book.

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  • 4 DRM-free, PDF eBooks.
  • Examples files for each book are included.