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There are a lot of factors which can impact your website’s loading time, and using high-resolution images is one of them.

It might take forever to load if the images are not optimized properly.

ShortPixel- image optimizer plugin solves this problem for you.

It uses advanced compression technology that reduces image size without losing image quality.

Here’s an example how your images will look –

Key features of this image optimizer plugin-

  • 24h support directly from the developers
  • Compress JPG, PNG, GIF (still and animated) images and PDF documents
  • Optimize thumbnails as well as featured images
  • Rescale featured images before optimizing
  • ‘Bulk’ optimize existing images with one click
  • Use with both HTTPS and HTTP websites
  • Trim up to 90% of original images’ sizes
  • Reduce file size without loss in quality
  • Compress all existing images
  • Restore all the original images at any time
  • Analyze your data with a 40-day optimization report & overall statistics
  • Get a single API key to use on multiple sites


  • One-Time 10k images
    Just $4.99  (Regularly $9.99)
  • One-Time 30k images
    Just $9 (Regularly $19.99)

Deal Terms:

  • You will receive the registration key (API Key) instantly via email from ShortPixel after completing your purchase
  • You need a WordPress site for this plugin
  • Your image quota never expires. There is also no file size limit
  • The license is non-transferable
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF

Speed up your website with beautifully optimized images starting from $4.99



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  • Hi,
    Image quota never expires means that you don’t have to use the credits in the next day, or week or month. You can use some credits now, some next year and so on until they are exhausted.

  • Hi,
    One API can be used for multiple sites, if you want to use it for more than 30k images then you can buy more than 1 license.

    • seussman71

      Gotcha, ok. That makes sense. I would definitely make that more clear in the info, but I do appreciate you getting back to me before the deal expired.

      • Hi , the offer will end next week 🙂

  • Hi Wille,
    Q: I understand that the credits don’t expire, but does the multi-site API track the images used?
    A: Sure, each optimized image is tracked and is available in the optimization report for 40 days

    Q: Am I able to track a running total of images via reports or a dashboard?
    A: Sure, in your ShortPixel account you have access to a report with all the relevant details

    Q: Is there a limit on how many sites can I hook up to your API?
    A: No, the only limit is the number of credits available.

    Q: Should I resize images on my machine as usual prior to uploading them, or will this plugin handle everything so that I wouldn’t even have to worry about it?
    A: You can just upload images, they can be resized and optimized so no need to do any additional process. The idea is to install ShortPixel, configure its settings according to your needs and then just forget about it 🙂

9.99 $ 4.99
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $5
Save - 50%


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9.99 $ 4.99
One time fee

Deal Expired

Save - $5
Save - 50%
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