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Why grab Zoolz?

A hard disk crash can have appalling results.

If you are lucky, and you’ve backed up, it won’t be the end of the world. If you haven’t, it may be. So its time to backup.

The Cloud Storage From Zoolz provides you with absolute security.

Your data is stored on the ultra-secure Amazon AWS servers.

Watch the video to know more about Zoolz-

4 Reasons To Use Zoolz Cloud Storage-

zoolz cloud storage

Key Features of Zoolz Cloud Storage:

  • Automatic: Cold storage files are backed up with the rest of your files instantly
  • Easy data Selection: Use Smart Selection, add files and folders to Cold Storage, and Zoolz will do the rest
  • Lifetime Storage: Store all your retired media without additional costs and Zoolz will store them forever
  • On-premises Replacement Option: Replace your prone to corruption externals, tapes, SANs and NASs
  • Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Ability to backup unlimited External (USB, eSATA, Firewire) and Network drives
  • Fully featured product with backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention and more
  • Incremental: After the first backup, only new and changed files will be backed up
  • Block Level Backup: Backs up only block changes of large files such as Outlook PST
  • Preview Thumbnails of your photos and RAW images
  • Durable and Reliable: Your data will be stored redundantly in multiple facilities and on multiple devices in each facility
  • Deduplication Technology: Files are compared against 3 levels of deduplication; machine, company, and global, before being processed to avoid re-uploading duplicated files

What you’ll get with this deal:

2TB Cloud Storage Plan For $50

  • 2 TB Storage (LIFETIME Subscription)
  • 1 TB Instant Vault & 1 TB Cold Storage
  • Two users
  • Unlimited external drives
  • Lifetime storage
  • Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS)
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • Innovative user experience
  • World’s first Cold Storage technology
  • Award-winning cloud backup

1TB Cloud Storage Plan For $39.99

  • 1 TB Storage (LIFETIME Subscription)
  • 500GB of cold storage and 500GB of instant storage
  • One user
  • 2 external drives
  • Lifetime storage
  • Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS)
  • Supports Windows and Mac

Here are the preview images of the Zoolz Cloud storage-zool_previewbig

Secure cloud space for your data for LIFETIME for just $39.99


Deal Terms –

  • After the purchase, you will receive a coupon code and a step-by-step instruction on how to access this service
  • The 1TB plan includes 500GB of cold storage and 500GB of instant storage with a lifetime license.
  • The 2TB plan includes 1 TB Instant Vault & 1 TB Cold Storage
  • One license purchased can be used by 1 user and 2 external/network drives allowed.
  • No backup limitations and premium support will be provided.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing or giving away is NOT permitted.
  • You cannot redeem two orders using the same email address. You should use a different email address to redeem each of your purchases.
  • Here is a how to install steps for Zoolz

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  • Tron61

    What is the difference between “cold storage” and “instant storage”?

    • Hi,

      The Zero restore feature is just an optional backup feature that uses your local hard disk as an ‘instant’ backup spot in addition to uploading to the cloud. The Cold storage feature is primarily for archival backup, meaning that its backup for rarely accessed files that don’t need instant access to because it does take a few hours for them to be ready.

  • Anji Sandage

    What does lifetime storage entail? Is this a one time payment and then I can use it for as long as I need to without the regular monthly payments?

    • Yes, it’s a one-time payment and you get lifetime 1 TB cloud storage.

      • EARS

        This plan includes 500GB of cold storage and 500GB ????

        • Yes,

          Your Zoolz account will have two sections 500GB Vault Storage & 500GB Cold Storage.

          With 500GB Instant Vault, you’ll be able to free up precious space on your computer or external hard drive, allowing them to run faster and cleaner.

          And the best part is you’ll still be able to access your Instant Vault quickly and easily through the web, restoring data you need within minutes.

          And with 500GB Cold Storage, you’ll have an extremely safe place to store a large amount of data.

          By using Cold Storage you’ll be able to backup rarely accessed data, and with Zoolz archive capabilities you can deposit up to 1 TB securely in the cloud.

          Hope this helps.

  • k0z3y

    Hi, are this like CDN? So i can share the link with friend, or just storage?

    • Hi There,

      The Zoolz cloud storage service offers safe storage for your files and data. It is not possible to use it like a CDN.

      Greedeals Team.

  • Hi,
    You may download Zoolz on 2 machines. You can only restore from a third device, not back up.
    To back up, you must archive/delete a machine and add the third.

1800 $ 39.99
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1800 $ 39.99
One time fee

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Save - $1760.01
Save - 98%

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