As a business owner, the protection of your business’ rights and privileges is a necessity!

To do this, you need legal contracts and documents…

These will help you to secure your business from loss and competition. Without these documents and business contracts, you can run the risk of exposing your business to threats and also may end up incurring unnecessary expenses these legal contracts can prevent if done.

Whatever the nature of your business, dealing with contracts is paramount, notwithstanding if your business owns a website. This is due to the number of business relationships you may involve in. And, all these relationships involve some type of contractual commitment or obligation.

Hence when starting your business, it is very important to understand the tenets of legal contracts or business contracts. You may be liable to them in the running of your business and work to fully protect your business before you sign or enter into any business agreements.

If your business runs on or owns a website, you more than necessary will require these legal contracts and business agreements to function effectively.

This article in more ways than one seeks to explain the essential legal contracts that business and website owners will require. It will provide resources as well that will enable freelancers and new businesses to take advantage of these legal contracts without having to pay huge sums.

After reading this article, you as a business or website owner will be better enlightened on why you need legal contracts for your business.

As a website owner, you will come to discover that legal contracts or legal documents are very vital to the health of your business. A legal contract is a binding agreement between a client and a service provider in which each assumes a legal obligation which must be strictly adhered to and completed.

You may have been on a website and seen things like the privacy policy or terms of use and so on. All these are forms of legal contracts and business agreements which those website owners make their users agree to or put in place to protect their websites and users.

However, many freelancers, website owners, and businesses do not pay attention to this and go on to enter into many business agreements without enough information about these agreements. Thereby run the risk of stressing themselves or losing some money or intellectual property because of their negligence.

Without these legal contracts, clients may go away from the terms of business agreements. They might request for more than what was initially agreed upon and in a bid to always satisfy the customer. In a bid to satisfy clients and boost ratings, these businesses will have to incur the extra costs. All these would have been prevented if such a business had binding legal contracts.

All websites have legal aspects and are required by legislation to provide specific types of information. Thanks to the law, the contents of a website are regulated and with legal documents, legal policies or legal contracts, the website owners or businesses can achieve many benefits such as:

  • The website owner is better enabled to comply with his or her legal obligations.
  • The web owner is better insured against trampling on the rights of clients.
  • The content of the website is licensed to users appropriately.
  • The web owner has limited liability in relation to the website.
  • The legal basis upon which the business owner supplies products and services to the clients are well spelled out in the contract.
  • Legal contracts ensure that the website owner follows the procedural obligations which the law has placed on him or her while running the business.
  • With the legal contract, a business gains a better level of credibility and this goes a long way to show that it is ready to comply with laid down rules and regulations.

If you are wondering what set of legal documents that you may need for your website, there are some things that you may need to take note of as you will have to differentiate the following:

  • The use of the website
  • The sale and supply of products and services
  • The collection and processing of personal data

All websites must have terms and conditions that govern their usage. These terms and conditions at the barest minimum should contain the basic disclosure of obligations, a disclaimer or liability and provide licensing of the website content to the users.

If your business deals with the sale of goods and products, then your website should have ‘Terms and Conditions’ which should contain the legal contracts binding these sales and supplies. The terms and conditions must comply with legislation on consumer protection, while also protecting the business’ rights.

When it comes to data protection legislation, website owners are meant to provide specific types of information to their users. This information includes the type of data that the website collects, how these data are used and how these data will be kept safe from harm. This is very important as failure to do this may lead your website out of sight.

A website without a privacy policy for its users runs the risk of endangering the users’ rights and privacy and may soon find itself swimming in the waters of lawsuits and thus end up incurring huge costs and monetary expenses. Get your businesses and websites well secured by taking up legal contracts for your business.

Be well protected before going ahead to sign that business agreement. It will do your world a lot of good. If you are afraid of getting legal contracts for your business due to huge costs of lawyers and such other things, then you do not need to be.

You can take advantage of a wide range of available and very great resources that come at great deals that don’t cut deep into your pocket. These resources which are available at will help you with any legal contract and business agreement issues that your website or business may face. These resources come with templates for you to follow and are of very professional quality.


1. Legal Pack Essential Business Bundle:

This is an essential pack of 5 small business contracts that help you to secure your professional life. It comes at a great price of $24 and contains the following great content:

  • Client Agreement
  • Contractor agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Transfer of intellectual property
  • Maintenance agreement.

This pack has the legal requirements for any business agreements which your business is likely to enter into and is very good for new businesses and freelancers.


2. 4 Legal Agreements Bundle For Free:

This resource contains agreements that can help your business start up on a great legal note. It comes with an ultimate bundle that has 4 free legal agreements for your business. With this bundle, your business is well protected when you sign contracts or business agreements. It helps you streamline your work, prevent you from double work, and saves you time and effort. You are also prevented from rewriting revisions and your business is well sustained.

This resource is very good for web developers. It has a website development agreement, terms of use, subscription of agreement and domain name purchase agreement. With this resource, you are surely on a strong footing.


3. Privacy Policy and Legal Pages Generator Plugin for WordPress Sites:

With this plugin, your website is legally compliant as it comes with 24 legal page templates that have all been lawyer approved. These templates are editable and can be used for an unlimited number of domains. Amongst other great features, this package forces your website visitors to agree to your terms, privacy policy or other legal contracts with pop-ups that have a forced feature. It also protects your website by locking down its content.


4. 9 Attorney-Drafted Freelance Contract Templates for Creatives:

As a freelancer, you are vulnerable to being cheated and overused by clients. With these resources, you are better protected and less vulnerable from being fleeced.

With these contract templates, you are able to streamline your work around the schedule, clarify details of the business agreement between you and the client, prevent double work and also ensure that your services are sustainable and rates agreed upon. It also helps you to save costs and time as a freelancer as you are prevented from rewriting and revisions.

All these resources and deals are readily available at and are very much affordable. They are high quality and have received a high level of praise from people and businesses that have purchased them.

Take charge of your business and website by having a legal contract that better protects you and your interests and ensure that your business remains credible at all times. Be wise and stay ahead of the competition.