Giving a presentation is an important part of any job. Be it for meetings or conferences, giving presentations is inevitable. Giving a presentation is an art; there are certain things to keep in mind to make it effective and engaging.

When it comes to giving presentations, there is always scope to make it more memorable. In this article, we are handing out some tips and tools to make a good presentation even better.

Tips to Give Better Presentations

Calm the Nerves

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If you are nervous, it shows through to your audience. Calming the nerves and relaxing makes you appear more open and welcoming to your listeners. It will also help you converse more effectively and get the point across efficiently. When you are relaxed, your honesty, sincerity, and preparation shine through. It resonates better with your audience, helping you connect with them more easily.

Keeping it Simple

It is often easy to get caught up with big words and fancy talk and lose the intended message of the presentation. A good presentation is made better when you keep the language simple and conversational. Audiences connect to your content better if it is simple, to the point, straightforward, and engaging. Even a seemingly dull topic can be livened up by keeping the content simple and easy to understand. When you use complicated or monotonous words, it is quite easy to confuse or bore your audience. Hence, keep the presentation template relatively simple.

Concise Content

It is important to keep your content sharp and concise. Including too much content into your presentation can either bore or overwhelm your audience, losing the message in the process. One way to cut down your content to the essentials is to highlight 3 major points that you want to cover. Gather the relevant information on these points and create a presentation. But remember to stick to these points and not veer from them.

Using Proper Slides and Templates


Understand what kind of slides and templates you will need for your presentation. The tone and theme of the presentation decide its overall look. Sometimes it’s a good idea to purchase a bundle of slides and templates so that you have some versatility and variety. Or you can look for some inspiration to create your slides for some added boost to your creativity.

10:20:30 Slideshow Rule

The rule of thumb when giving powerpoint presentations is –

  • Have 10 slides. Not more.
  • Keep the presentation to 20 minutes or lesser. But not too less.
  • Use a font of 30 points for easy reading.

The 10:20:30 rule ensures that your presentation content is divided properly among 10 slides, isn’t too short or too long, and has a font size that is comfortably readable. A well-made presentation uses the correct font, appropriate templates, and good layout.

Begin Strong

The key to capturing your audience’s attention is, to begin with, a strong and captivating opening statement. Start with a joke, saying, or even an example. People will listen and pay attention if they can relate to your content. The more realistic and relatable your content, the better the impact it will have on your audience. As the saying goes, first impressions make a lasting impression. A strong opener can make a good presentation better.

Body Language Matters

Non-verbal language matters just as much as verbal language. If you are standing ramrod straight, not making eye contact with your audiences, or smiling, then you will come across as distant and detached. It is impossible for audiences to relate to you or your presentation. No matter how good your content is, it will not have the desired effect unless your body language comes across as open and friendly.

Dressing for the Part

It is pertinent to dress appropriately for the part. It isn’t necessary to turn up in your best formal wear every time; however, it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion and your audience. If you are giving a corporate presentation, it is best to be decked in all your formals. However, if the situation is different, you can try something slightly different. The key is to dress sharp and look confident. Avoid clothes that are ill-fitting, soiled, or too loud and attention-seeking.

Less is More

Remember that too much of anything is never good. The same goes for your presentations. When creating slides in powerpoint, remember to use animations and effects sparingly. Using too much of any of this can take the attention away from your content. However, not using any effects or colors can make your presentation appear boring. Remember that it finally depends on the speaker. You need to infuse some humor and personal content into your presentation to make it more relatable.

Parting Thoughts

A good presentation can always be made better. The main aim is to keep the audience engaged and engrossed in the content. Confidence and conciseness are equally important. There are a lot of tools – slide and template bundles – that will provide you with the necessary framework to create better presentations. In the end, it is a mix of the content and presenter that make a good presentation better.