Typography is a fundamental aspect when determining the success of a website. Today, more people are aware of the benefits of typography.

You may have come across sites which look great at first glance. However, on a closer look, you realize that it gets harder to read the content. It may be because of the font, which may be too small, large or spaced out. This makes the site look not only unprofessional but also chaotic.

What Is Typography?

This is merely the arrangement of text on a web page. It includes font size, typefaces, line spacing, letter spacing and kerning.

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Typography is a powerful tool in digital marketing because fonts can also elicit emotion. This is one of the ways you can create interest and add personality and flair to your content. It also allows you to create emphasis on an idea, enhance a theme and create an aesthetic appeal.

Elements of Typography

Typography is not just limited to fonts and colour. Each of the elements below is just as important and significantly influences how your page reads.

There are other aspects that are worth familiarizing with if you want to improve the content on your site.


This refers to the name of the text style used on a web page. Some examples include Calibri, Arial, Georgia, and Noteworthy.


These are more specific and are used to indicate the typeface used, its width and height. However, in today’s digital age, the word font is used interchangeably with the typeface. For instance, Georgia is a typeface, whereas Georgia, size 14, bold, is a font.

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Most fonts are available for free. However, independent designers have come up with premium fonts which will cost a few bucks. Google also offers some free premium fonts for free, through the Google Fonts project.


This refers to letter spacing or the space between characters in each text. When adjusted, tracking affects the text density.


Kerning is a more specific form of tracking. The term refers to the white space in between text characters and letters.


Leading is used to measure the space between where letters in a text sit. This is the distance between one line of text with the line above it and below it.

Leading can affect how readers interpret your content. For instance, if the lines are too far apart, readers can interpret this as a subheading. If the lines are too close, readers experience difficulties in reading and may abandon your web page.

Line length

This term is used to indicate the length of each text. The text could be running horizontally, across the web page or right to left. You can change your line lengths by adjusting your page margins.

Importance of Typography

All the above elements combined will make your site visually appealing. Here are other reasons why typography is vital for your web page.

Enhances Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy should be aimed at attracting visitors to your website through your content. The end goal is converting the readers into customers. Thus, you should focus on creating exciting and relevant blogs, which are updated frequently.

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Ranking high on SEO helps to increase traffic to your site. When you are looking to appear first on search engine optimization, choosing an impactful font is imperative. A well-chosen typography can lure readers to your site. This will certainly capture their interest, and they will keep coming back.

Lends Character to Your Site

Each typeface and font is designed to give a precise impression to the reader. There are fonts that look restrained and professional, while others look childish. You should be careful in your selection to give the exact impression you had in mind to your readers.

Choose each font according to the character you want your site to possess. Moreover, opt for clean and user-friendly typefaces. The right font indicates elegance and sophistication on your web page. It keeps your content significance and cultivates trust between you and the readers.

Directs Visitors’ Interest

Typography allows you to create emphasis on a certain message on your web page. You can direct the attention of your readers on specific messages, to create the desired impact. This is an excellent strategy for digital marketing.

For instance, a bolded text will draw attention to that area of the page. Using bulleted lists allows you to convey relevant pieces of information easily.

However, keep in mind that these messages may not necessarily appeal to each audience. Therefore, conduct research beforehand to identify your main target audience. Learn about their tastes and preferences before you can decide on which typography suits them.

Keeps People Reading

With good typography, a reader can focus on the content, and not the formatting. If the content on your web page is simple, clear and easy to read, it allows users to keep reading. However, if you use too many different fonts and styles, it becomes overwhelming for the readers.

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The first effect good typography has is drawing people in. It expresses a general feeling of what one is about to read. It sets the mood and tone for the content on your web page.

Aim at being consistent when using the various elements of typography. This makes your content look professional and more appealing. Work with a designer if you must, to ensure that your typography is flawless.

Wrapping Up

As a website owner, you should make typography a focal point of your content marketing strategy. With time, your marketing campaigns will thrive. This is because you will have identified the styles that best suit your readers.

Having an attractive and user-friendly website will work wonders for your site. Typography happens to be one of the ways you can achieve this. Aim at creating an unforgettable impression to your visitors. When creating content for your site, the typography is just as relevant as the content itself.

Do you use typography as part of your content marketing strategy? Are there specific examples you feel portray the power of typography? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.