It’s a well-known fact in the modern business world that a strong web presence is pretty essential to your success. Nobody is debating that anymore! A business’s website should represent its brand well, and clearly inform visitors of all they need to know about the business and its product/services.

The question does arise however, should business owners invest in a professional web design? Or is developing your website yourself good enough?

We strongly believe that a professionally designed website should be an essential investment for any business today. And it’s not because we don’t think business owners can set up a website themselves. It’s fairly simple for anyone to set up a basic site these days. But there are multiple reasons why hiring a skilled web designer is our recommended course of action.

Read on for the 5 main reasons why we think all businesses should invest in a professional web design:

1. A Professional Web Designer Will Optimize Your Site for SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the main ways in which your investment in professional web design will bring you an ROI in the long term. A template site that you build yourself is unlikely to offer much in the way of SEO, making it difficult for users to find you using search.

A web professional will ensure that all necessary on-page optimization is done during the design and development phase. They will try to get your site ranked as high as possible in the search engine results pages (SERPs), to help maximize organic traffic to your site.

Various studies have shown that over 80% of consumers will research a product online before purchasing. Having your business visible on those first few SERPs is vital for you to compete in the market.

This potential for additional traffic alone makes web design a worthy investment to consider.

2. Your Website Will Be Built From Scratch

A website is often the first place that customers will be exposed to your business. And first impressions matter. The site needs to effectively represent your brand as well as providing a positive and user-friendly experience.

Template sites that you can build yourself have a limited level of customization on offer. There aren’t enough unique themes or backgrounds to truly help your site stand out. You might not even find anything that is in line with the brand identity you’ve created.

Investing in professional web design will mean that you can work closely with a professional to create a website that’s truly unique. Pretty much anything you imagine can be brought to life by a good web designer. And as it’s built from scratch, it’ll be different from anything else out there.

3. Your Website Will Work Across Different Devices and Browsers

Creating a site that is compatible with all browsers and devices is pretty essential in this day and age. A growing number of customers are browsing and shopping using their mobile device, so ensuring your site is mobile-friendly is key.

Anyone who works in this field will be aware of the importance of responsive web design. This is an approach to web design which makes sites render well across different devices and screen sizes. It is pretty much a must now to avoid losing the large number of customers browsing on their mobile devices.

A professional in web design will also be able to ensure that your site looks good across different browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla and others.

4. It’s Easier to Develop and Grow a Professionally Designed Site

Invest In A Professional Web Design 2

Within the ready made templates of the DIY sites, there are only so many changes you can implement. The options for customization and growth in the future are limited. A website that has been designed from scratch can grow with you as your business needs evolve. More complex functionalities can be added in as and when required. For instance, you may want to add in a map, forms, videos and many other features that may be difficult in a template site that you built yourself.

It’s a good idea to have a website that can evolve if needed so you’re not limited in the future.

5. It’s Still Possible To Manage Your Own Content

If you’re worried that hiring a professional web designer will mean you have to completely relinquish control of your site, this isn’t the case. There are many CMS platforms such as WordPress and Drupal that your designer can use which will allow you to easily edit your site yourself.

If your budget allows for it, you could also ask your developer to build you a content management system from scratch. Having a good CMS will mean that you don’t have to depend on your developer for most changes or any small site issues you may run into.

Hopefully, this article has helped explain the value of professional web design for your business. It may feel like a big investment at the start, but it’s definitely one that will benefit your business and ultimately pay off in the long run.