Today we are going to get an insight to the TemplateMonster and get to know more about web design. If you never happen to hear about TemplateMonster, here is a short note. This company was founded in 2002 and within fourteen years has become a successful unit on the web design market. As one of the achievements, it is in the Top-3 template providers on TrustPilot. TemplateMonster offers a wide range of various templates and always takes care of its customers. Today we are lucky to talk to David Braun, CEO and co-founder of TemplateMonster.


Hello, David. Thank you for being here today with us. First of all, how come, that 14 years ago you came up with the idea of web design company? How was it?

As you say it, it seems to be so long ago. We noticed how fast Internet constantly grows and decided that it can be the way to be the part of the stream. There were number of several situations that led us up to where we are now. Once TemplateMonster was just a local web studio and we took trouble to make something bigger. At that moment we didn’t know how everything would turn up. Everything changed, when we realized that we lost many potential clients as not every customer was satisfied with our prices. The decision came itself. I saw our designer using a ready-made template and so the initial idea was born.

That is really amazing. Probably the first steps were challenging for you and your team. Tell us please about the hardships that you faced.

For sure it was. Together we overcame much stress and unpleasant situations like frauds for example. We made it and you see the result. I do proud of what we are having now and of people who work in our team.

What can you tell about the current state of TemplateMonster?

I would say that the company survived the whole evolution and I guess it is great. We really try to improve and be better. As for now, there are several-hundred employees and thousands of templates. We are oriented both on professional users and newcomers. We design templates for different types of sites and use such engines as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Shopify, and many others. In addition, customers may get landing pages, plugins and much more stuff.

That sounds as everything is that easy, but what if I have never used none of them. For example, I need to add a logo and fulfill the template with content. Would it be a problem?

Actually no, because we have a powerful Service Center. It is a way out if you don’t want to get through installation and customization on your own. You contact your team and within 24 hours you will get a ready-to use website. It goes without saying that all your requirements will be taken into account. Sometimes it will take even less time, if you want for example only to install the template and plugins. Be sure that our professionals are always ready to help you here.

Ok, let’s move to another question. What is the most important in redesigning a website?

You know, in web design there are also trends, it is kind of a fashion, if we can say like that. You totally need an update you want to have a professional looking site. It is one of secrets to draw in more customers, by the way. So, as for the updates. The most important aspects are to improve navigation and readability. It is not surprising that modern site should be responsive to work across a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets.

David Braun

Thank you for this point. Tell me please about some recent projects. I am sure that there has been something special recently.

Oh yes. Last year was a real breakthrough for our flagships. The users of TemplateMonster like those templates as they provide much more versatility. We tailored a flagship for every engine and WordPress was the first due to its high popularity. We’ve released our biggest and the most complicated WordPress theme called Monstroid2. There is also Jumerix for Joomla.

What is special about Jumerix?

Well, firstly, it is a powerful tool to create an online magazine, business website or personal site. Within one template you can bring online every possible idea. It is a perfect solution if there is a need to include your company presentation and promote some products. This theme includes all the elements, that a client may need when building a blog, personal or corporate page, online portfolio, and even an eCommerce website. These elements are: newsletter page, Home one page, Home landing page. It also should be mentioned that several variations of blog layouts are added to the theme’s pack. There are many specs available, including working forms, pricing tables, etc.

David Braun

And how much would it cost to be an owner of a flagship?

Actually nothing. You may get a flagship for a price of a regular template. I don’t boast here, but as we provide qualitative 24/7 lifetime support, it makes our flagships the best deals on the web design market today.

Wow, and what about the regular templates? Why should I become your client?

We work to combine cost and value and it applies to every product we make. We have fair prices and if you try to look for promo codes, you will definitely find some. All you need is google it. We provide discounts on Christmas, Independence Day, and other public holidays. If you decide to purchase a template from TemplateMonster, you will get some additional goodies. The main one is a free professional technical support. While other companies charge their customers with additional payments, we provide a lifetime free service. It means that you can take your time and use the bought template whenever you want and no time limits for technical consultation.

Seems like you have many ideas. What is the source of your inspiration?

That is very simple, I love my job and what I do. Of course, TemplateMonster is a big part of my life, but there also other things. I get new ideas literally everywhere, sports and various social activities. It is my family and friends as well; they are such a great support for me. My co-workers inspire me and I consider myself as a happy person as I work with so many talented people.

Well, thank you very much for sharing the information. It has been a pleasure to talk to you. We wish you success and to easily achieve every goal that you set up for your team and company!

Thank you!