Considering the revolution that the digital world is going through, in context of online business, it is quite important to ensure that your decisions fetch you nothing but the satisfactory outcome. Be it marketing your products and services online or choosing a web hosting service for the website, there are several opportunities out there.

So, let’s talk about web hosting services. Out of all the companies, most of them claim to provide you the same services. However, at the end of the day, you get to make the final call. So, what are all the features that you must look for when selecting a web host?

This is what you must look for when selecting your hosting provider:

1. Website Loading Speed

Website Loading

The loading speed of your website holds utmost importance; hence, it holds the first position on this list as well. While choosing a web host, you must make sure that the server is fast enough to load your website just in seconds. Whether your website is new or a bit old, you wouldn’t want it to slow down even a bit.

According to research, even a minute of slowness in loading can cause your customers or visitors to lose interest, hence, you can have a negative impact on your revenue.

While it is kind of impossible to find a host that can give you high-speed loading always, there are several companies out there that are still reliable and trustworthy in this aspect. So, no matter what you choose, never compromise with the speed.

2. Amount of Bandwidth


Another one on the list is the bandwidth. The term stands for the data amount that the host will be providing your customers and you to download and upload in one month. Let’s consider that your website has 1 GB data and the monthly bandwidth provided is 10 GB.

Once you have uploaded everything on the website, you have used 1 GB of bandwidth. Now, if a visitor is visiting your website and having a look at every page, another GB from your kitty is gone. And then, you could have only nine more visitors in a month (if everyone sees your entire website).

After that, either the host won’t be allowing more people to visit your website, or you would have to pay extra for every GB. So, if you think your website is going to be popular or is already the most-visited one, then bandwidth is something that should get your attention.

You can even get unlimited bandwidth if you want. Or else, find a host that can set up the limit.

3. Tech Support

Tech Support

Next on the list is technical support. Just like most of the customer services, you must expect 24/7 tech support from the host you are selecting. If your website is not going to go down on weekends and public holidays, so shouldn’t your web host services. Problems will not announce before stepping in, so, make sure that the company you are selecting is competent enough to provide assistance all around the year.

While we are on the subject, don’t get fascinated by mere mention that the company provides 24/7 tech support. It might not be always true until you have experienced it for yourself.

If you want, you can even shoot them a test email in the middle of the night or during the weekends. The time that they will take to reply to you will give you all the answers. And, make sure that they are really proficient enough to fix problems.

4. Language Support

Language Support

Programming language support is another important aspect that you must look out in your web hosting services. Host with a wide range of language support would be your best option.

Whether you want to change to Django, Ruby on Rails, or any other particular language, make sure that the framework is supportable.

5. Free SSL Support

SSL Support

When it comes to topping the charts in your customers’ minds and hearts, security should be of your utmost importance. In this regard, you must then pay attention to the SSL support provided by your web host. In simple words, SSL is nothing but a software that allows websites to encrypt the data that your server will receive from the user’s browser.

If you have an e-commerce website or a portal that collects your users’ data, it becomes even more important for you to secure your website. 

There are some of the web hosting servers that are not constructed enough to help you use SSL certificate. So, you must make sure that such is not the case with the web host you have selected.

Even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, you should still not take SSL certification for granted as Google may flag the website and put the Not Secure tag in your URL section.

6. Backup Features


Although it is important to pay attention to such features that are important for your website, however, apart from that, you must also pay heed to how the web host is different from rest of the companies out there. And, how can you do it? By gauging their add-ons. 

Frequent back-ups are very important to prevent any data loss resulting due to malicious hackers or hardware crashes.

You should always go for hosting providers who have a track record of regular automated backups.

7. Up-time


Another point that should pay equal attention is the uptime score. Make sure that the web host you have selected is competent enough to keep your website online during the peak hours.

The company that you have selected should be able to give you an uptime of 99.5 or higher percentage. While a complete 100% is difficult for most hosts, you must not settle below 99.9% or 99.5%.

8. Number Of Domains And Domain Transfer Charges

Number Of Domains

As they say, “Once you see the result, you become addicted”. So, now that you have started up with your first website, it won’t be taking long until you will come up with your second one, and then, the third one, so on and so forth. When it comes to hosting, it would be arduous to manage a different one for each website.

So, make sure that the company you have selected allows you to host more than two domains at the same time.

Not just that, but even in future, if you would want to transfer your website to another domain, it would be easier as well as exciting if your web hosting company allows you to do so for free. Yes, there are several companies that provide this chance. So, make sure that you don’t neglect this part.

9. CMS Support

CMS Support

Also known as Content Management System, CMS is a set of programs or software application that is helpful in managing and organizing digital content. Easy to maintain and update, this software is equipped with several amazing features and advantages that allow you to manage your content and data seamlessly.

Some great examples of CMS are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

So, while selecting a web host, you must make sure that the company provides you easy installation as well as maintenance of this Content Management System. It would surely make things easier for you.

10. Free PPC Credit

PPC Credit

For those who don’t know, PPC stands for pay-per-click. An internet marketing model, this system allows advertisers to pay every time someone clicks their Ad. In a way, it is a system of buying clicks or visitors to your website by listing it in the AD section of the Google search engine or social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

There are a majority of web hosting companies that provide free PPC Credit, along with several other benefits.

So, make sure when you are selecting one, your chosen company offers you this free credit so that you can easily set up Ads on Google or Facebook.

At the end of the day, choosing a web host company is a totally personal decision. However, you must make sure that your choice does not bring you any regrets or disadvantages few years down the line. So, if you are looking for a web host, keep these aforementioned points in mind while hunting the best company and choose the one that is reliable enough for your requirements.