These days, many businesses and brands are familiar with the fact that search engine optimization is one such technique that can bring visibility and credibility to their website. Despite this information, not many people are aware of the fruitful SEO tool for online business and tricks that can help gain better results.

When you dive into the list of benefits that your online brand can gain by executing SEO appropriately, there is a lot that will come your way. While things might seem easier over the edge, it’s only after you’re deep into it when you get to know the reality.

SEO seems to be the primary aspect of digital marketing and online brand. However, if you’re relatively newer to this domain, how would you go by it? Not just that, but what if it’s been ages since you’ve taken your brand’s presence online but don’t know a thing about SEO? In both of these scenarios, you’ll have to seek help from an expert, which simply means more expense, right?

But what if you get an opportunity to do everything related to SEO without hiring an expert? Of course, it’s possible with an advanced tool, known as ScrapeBox.


Search Engine Optimization with ScrapeBox:

With more and more businesses finding profit online, the demand for professionals has increased than ever before. This simply means an out-of-the-budget expenditure for tasks such as search engine optimization.

To provide relief from the hassle, ScrapeBox steps ahead with an extensive range of advanced and considerable features. With this one tool, bringing the business website into the limelight is not a difficult task anymore. One of the best things about this tool is that it even acquired the trust and confidence of professionals from this industry.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out the advantageous aspect that this tool beholds. Here is everything you must know about this tool.

Features of ScrapeBox:   

  • Bulk Image Downloader:

SEO tool for online business

Showcasing a variety of attractive images on the website also means downloading the same from the internet. Without any tool by your side, this task can be quite hectic. To help you with it, the Bulk Image Downloader feature of ScrapeBox is here.

With this feature, you can easily download bulk images from different websites and URLs. By evaluating each URL differently, this feature can download all of the available images at once. Hence, even if there is a gallery with hundreds of images, you can download all of them without spending a lot of time.

Also, you wouldn’t have to waste your time waiting while the download gets complete. At once, you can approximately download images from 200 websites or web pages. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

  • Platform Popularity Analyzer:

SEO tool for online business

Another considerable feature of this tool is Platform Popularity Analyzer. This feature scans through a list of different URLs and discovers the CMS used to build those web pages. It analyses the HTMP source code and searches for varied footprints to identify the platform.

And then, this feature can also analyze those platforms that can be used for automatic comment posting. There is a huge list of platforms that this feature supports, such as Advanced Guestbook, ASP Blog, Basti Guestbook, Burning Book, Bella Guestbook, cms2day, Chinese Blog, 4image, AkoBook, Aska BBS, Ard, BeepWorld, Blogengine, and more.

  • Name & Email Generator:

SEO tool for online business

Not just ScrapeBox is proficient in search engine optimization, but this tool can also be used as an email and name generator. With this feature, you can generate bulk email IDs and name with ease. If you wish to generate names, this feature will help you by creating a massive list of first and last names of both males and females. The astounding part is that the list can go up to half a billion with a variety of combinations.

Furthermore, this feature is even helpful for those who wish to scrape email IDs from the internet but don’t know the correct procedure or the way to do so. It has got proxy support that keeps your identity conceals and stops websites from blocking your IP address while scraping email IDs.

To suit your requirements, you can customize the settings accordingly. And then, this feature can be helpful in generating fake email IDs as well. All it takes the selection of any, and you can create millions of IDs within a couple of minutes.
To provide uniqueness to each email ID, this feature can even add random numbers. But you must keep in mind that you can create email address ideas with this feature and not the real ID.

  • YouTube Downloader:

SEO tool for online business

Another valuable feature of this tool is YouTube scraper and downloader. This feature helps you scrape important information from YouTube. Not just that, but you can even download videos or soundtracks and can scrape video metrics with this single feature.

By using different YouTube options, this feature harvests URLs of videos. This provides you with an opportunity to customize the search parameters according to your own requirements. You can filter video harvesting according to the last day, week, month, or an entire year.

Once the scraping is done, you can evaluate those videos based on author, title, number of views, duration, published date, number of likes & dislikes, audio & video quality, video genre, top comments, and other such metrics.

T his feature also gives you an opportunity to filter videos on the basis of lowest and highest dislikes, likes, views, and more. This surely is one of the easiest ways to find out the type of videos that are attracting a majority of people.

  • Sitemap Creation:

When you wish to make your URLs discovered by Google, the importance of sitemaps cannot be denied. After all, sitemaps simplify the procedure of locating content and crawling web pages for search engines to decide upon the rank of websites.

ScrapeBox comes with a substantial XML sitemap creator that is competent enough to transform the raw URLs list into XML sitemap files. With this one feature, you can seamlessly experiment and set your priorities.

Also, this feature doesn’t even consume a lot of time while creating a sitemap. It can generate one within 15 seconds for you.

  • Comment Scraper:

Out of all the amazing features, comment scraper is the one that can help you extract every single comment from a post. This multi-threaded and fast feature let you load an extensive list of WordPress URLs from where you can easily extract comments.

Furthermore, there are several other things that this feature is capable of doing. If there is a link with URLs, you can skip those. You can also ignore such comments that have lesser number of words. And then, you can also neglect the one with comments that contain abusive works.

Once extracted, you can save those comments in a text file and can use however you’d like.

  • RSS Submit:

Considering how search engines use RSS feeds to find out new content, submitting yours with the objective of discovery can help increase the recent URLs indexing and can make your content available for readers.

Thus, with this RSS submit feature, you can easily ping or submit a huge RSS feeds list to different RSS feed aggregators without facing any significant troubles. Basically, ScrapeBox comes with almost 150 services that you can use to submit your RSS feed. But, if you’d want to make changes, you can customize the list by adding and removing feeds accordingly.

This feature even provides RSS Feed creator that lets you have an automatic creation of the feed. The creator can be used in transforming a raw list into the XML feed, in turn, making the submission instant and easier.

  • Web Page Meta Scraper:

Web Page Meta Scraper is another amazing tool that lets you load an extensive list of URLs and simplifies the process of extracting descriptions, titles, and keywords from each URL available in that list.

It just takes a few minutes for this multi-threaded feature to obtain valuable data from hundreds of URLs directing to varied web pages. Once the extraction is complete, you can filter out URLs to remove the ones that are either corrupted or don’t have any meta keywords.

After this, you can also easily export the data into different types of files, such as .csv, .txt, or a .xls. You can use this data when it comes to keeping a tab on competitors or optimizing the website with relevant and profit-generating metadata.


If you wish to survive in this cut-throat market, having a deep understanding of search engines optimization is important. Even if you aren’t familiar with perfect execution of useful techniques, ScrapeBox is here to help you at every step.
Apart from these features mentioned above, there is a lot more to this tool. And then, there is a handful of add-ons as well that can help you gain better results.
So, without wasting any more time, go ahead and get your fair share of this amazing tool today. You’ll have to pay only once, and you can use the beneficial features of this tool till the very end. What are you waiting for? Grab this tool now.