The first day of winter not only brings the first snowflakes (at least for some of us), but also the launch of Greedeals – the place where hopefully you will find some great deals.

If for some deals the discount is 50%, 80% or 90%, for the majority of deals the discount will be 100%. Yes, yes, you’ve read that correctly, 100% discount, meaning Free.

But why would we run deals that are completely free? Because we know that you’ll love them and become a little happier today. And Greedeals is all about making you happy. Either if we post a deal that is 50% or 90% discounted, or free, we really want to make you happier by using them. And you could never be happier than getting the premium product that you wanted so badly, for free.

And since customer satisfaction is our main priority, we also encourage you to try and tell us (and your friends too) if you like our deals or not.

So let’s take a small sneak-peak at some of the deals we run on Greedeals:

10 adorable & vector monsters pack (Free)


In this deal you will get 10 monsters created by Difiz. All images are vectorial which is great news for those who want to print the monsters on their favorite cup, t-shirt or even on the walls of their children.

58 Premium Flat icons (Free)


This deal is also from the guys at Difiz. In it you will get 2 packs of 29 vectorial icons which you may use on your web or print projects. The first pack is the flat version of icons while the second pack contains the same icons but with a longer shadow, making them appear 3D.

X-Mirage – professional AirPlay server (Free)


Have you ever played a game or read a book on an iPhone and got annoyed by the small screen that iPhone has? If yes, then X-Mirage is for you.

X-Mirage is an app that will wirelessly stream contents or mirror iPhone, iPad and iPod screen to any Mac/Windows PC . It is created by the team from Torrent Soft and is offered for free on Greedeals.

100 HOT IOS 8 Icons Pack (Free)


As the title suggests, in this deal you will get a pack of 100 iOS8 icons created and marketed by Icons Mind. The icons use the 48px and 60px grid and are available both in the .ai format and .eps format.

Zoomy Premium WordPress Theme


In this deal you will get a free theme from TeslaThemes. The theme can be used both for blog websites and for portfolio websites, to showcase your products/images and projects.