I am big social media fan, even though it has currently taken a chaotic form.

Social media has enabled people like me to build a career and a community around their writing. To be honest, many writers I know would not be where they are without social media.

But what I don’t really like in social media is the rhetorical use of boring old tactics such as stock images. I’m not going to lie, when I started out, even I am guilty of using the tried and tested stock images in order to ‘spice up’ my social media presence. But that was an age when a great stock photo could still stand out on social media.

Now that everyone is using stock photos, they just look overused, instead of helping you stand out from it.

So to look different, why not use unique, original designs for your graphics? Media graphics that actually make you stand out?

Here are some ultimate tips for creating great social media graphics!

Make Appropriate Use of Scale

You can apply scale to different shapes, types, and compositional features that require emphasis in terms of emphasis. Appropriate colors can be utilized to enhance this technique while making sure suitable typefaces that look good when increased in size.

Use Clever Color Schemes

Pick a color scheme that has between one to three primary colors and additional secondary colors that complement and contrast with each other. Using different shades of the same color for consistency can help adjust the brightness for the color. Finer fonts look distinguished against a colored background.

Find Fonts with Feeling

One needs to pick a typeface that empowers your content. Fonts with rounded edges demonstrate a friendlier note, while hard-edged geometric fonts are solid and strong; while serifs convey an elegant and sophisticated look.

Use Alignment to Balance Your Design

You can use lines and embellishments for balancing your design and composition. For instance, a line to the left side of the text gives the effect of a margin line and anchors the block of text.

Use icons to illustrate concepts

While not every company has the resources, or even a designer, to produce design their own social media marketing images from scratch. In such cases, all you need is an icon that reflects the theme of the content you’re sharing and abold background color.

Be Original

It is vital to be inventive and experimental while choosing and combining different typefaces and filters. Avoid mimicking trends and create designs that reflect your own unique style, which leaves a personal stamp on your work.

That’s probably because not only are they fun to look at, but they also can’t be replicated by your competition the way a graphic using a stock photo can. And in my opinion, illustrated social media graphics rise above the rest here too. Not only do they look great, but they also show the reader that you really care about the content that you are sharing.

Use Charts and Infographics to Visualize Data

Using graphs or charts to go along with your content, in order to showcase your numeric data is a tip that will never die. If you are writing interesting data-driven content, you have probably already created a graph in the article or blog post. Why not use that on social media too? It seems like a no-brainer but so many people forget the power of a well-made graph or chart.

With graphs, charts, and infographics, you can quickly disseminate key information to your audience about the content they are about to read. And if it’s interesting enough, they will want to click and learn more.

Use Some Void Spaces for Neatness

Use letter spacing to fill dead space, align text, or condense words that take up too much space. However, be careful not to reduce letter spacing so much that it can’t be read, or increase it so much the letters become detached from one another.

Make Your Text the Focus of Your Graphics

You can add the title of the article you are sharing to the social media graphic, with your image in the background. You can also add text-heavy graphics to your post; it can help your image stand out.

Use of Templates

If you are just starting on social media graphics, you can use pre-made templates in bulk that you can use later on. This tactic is great for someone who isn’t a trained designer or doesn’t have the time to create something new for each post. Pre-made templates may seem like they are all “paint-by-numbers” graphics, but if you personalize them and incorporate your branding; they can still be quite unique.

Incorporate Your Brand into Your Design

This is a key tip: brand your graphics. Even if you know nothing about design, you can incorporate your logo or brand colors into a social media graphic pretty effortlessly. It’s definitely a great way for a team that is short on designers to build their visual brand from the ground up.

Finally, the most important pointer is to keep updating your social media strategy and experiment with new things. You never know what might prove to be a hit among your audience.

These are some of the fundamental tips that can definitely help you up your social media graphics game. Hope these pointers help you achieve the same!