They are enticing. They are eye-catching. They are popular. Yes, website sliders are being nothing less than the talk of the town. Almost every website owner, whether a novice or a professional, is adapting this changing trend and displaying a variety of sliders on websites just like including WordPress slider in their design.

And, why not? Sliders have become one of the cool ways to highlight and emphasize content on your landing page or home page, depending on your requirements. Even if you call them a versatile element, it wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Sliders not only can help you market your brand, but they can even bring conversions to you. And, then, an amazing user experience is always a complementary aspect. However, when you think of choosing a WordPress slider, you’d have to be extra cautious throughout the entire process.

After all, one wrong choice can mess up everything for you. Don’t you believe it? These seven top risks of selecting a wrong WordPress slider will make you familiar with the possible jeopardization that can happen on your website.


  • Visitors May Miss Out Important Information:


The brain of a human comprises three different layers. And, the oldest one is even the same as reptiles. Fascinating, isn’t it? But, that’s not just it. This oldest part is also involved in the matter of survival. Even a brisk change on the horizon can instantly push the life towards risk.

Since human eyes respond to movements, incessantly moving website sliders with text and image may leave a great impact on the psyche of your visitors. Displaying such a slider that moves quicker than a cheetah may result in an unsatisfactory experience for your visitors.

Not just they are going to have a tough time scrutinizing what you are displaying, but they might even end up losing important information that you’d have shown on these slides. Therefore, while choosing a WordPress slider, easy to adjust and alter should be kept in mind.


  • Messing Up With SEO:


Undoubtedly, proper execution of search engine optimization can do wonders for your brand. Not just it can take your website higher in search engines but can also redirect tons of organic traffic directly to your website, providing more exposure to your products or services.

However, if you had no idea about it then know that choosing a wrong WordPress slider may affect your SEO to a great extent. Experts believe that sliders can slow down your website. While it’s not the case with every plugin, but it’s still true in most of the cases.

Hence, if you aren’t willing to take up the risk of lowering down your search engine ranking and lessening your website traffic, then you shouldn’t commit a mistake choosing a slider that is nothing less than a tortoise in speed.


  • No Clear Communication:


Generally, a lot of WordPress sliders come with certain limitations – either in the text context of the image. In such a scenario, if you aren’t getting enough chance to communicate your message precisely to your visitors, it may cause a lot of miscommunication.

When you’re using a slider on your website, you must speak more in a few words. And then, regardless of the visual content that you’re using – whether it is an image, a video, or a GIF – it should be relevant to what you are trying to convey.

If you cannot achieve these simple goals with a website slider, then there is no point of publishing one at the first place. Hence, when it comes to making a decision, make sure you are paying attention to the limitations that are coming along.


  • Tearing Apart Mobile-Friendliness:


Considering the ever-so-increasing number of mobile users, whatever you are adding up on your website should be conveniently visible to them. If not, you may have to face a huge risk of higher bounce rate or a greater number of neglections altogether.

The truth is not all of the slider plugins are designed in a way to be mobile-friendly. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to find out the one that can work appropriately on all the devices without breaking down.

And then, if your selected slider doesn’t support responsiveness, it might become a bit difficult adjusting it on different screen sizes. Thus, responsive design is another considerable aspect that you must keep in mind.


  • May Seem Out of Place:


Usually, what visitors look out for is consistency. That’s one of the reasons why experts recommend keeping your brand’s presence similar to every platform you are available on. A good WordPress slider should allow you to make customization an easy job for you like including different sources, adding text, images, and even videos.

Without an opportunity to customize or alter, it would be difficult to make it look a part of your brand and not something which is completely out of place. Of course, you cannot display a slider with its default settings or appearance.

What if it never matches your brand’s theme? What will you do if it doesn’t get well? If something like this happens, your visitors will never be accepting it. And, a slider will become nothing but an ignorant piece of your website.


  • No Way to Experiment:


There are certain sliders that are meant to be displayed on one page – be it a landing or a homepage. If you have a one-page website, you wouldn’t have any other choice but to display the slider on the top of the landing page. But, what if your website supports a myriad of pages?

What are you going to do in such a situation? What if you’d like to change the appearance of your site? Wouldn’t it be a great thing to experiment with your slider by changing its position from time-to-time?

Are you going to grab different plugins? Of course, not! It would be too expensive and a bad choice for the speed of your website. So, considering this, you don’t have any other choice but to choose a slider plugin that gives you the flexibility of putting the slider on any page you want.


  • Your Website May Look Unorganized:


Out of all the things, having an unorganized and messy website is something you’d want the least. And, that’s exactly what you may get if you are going to choose a wrong WordPress slider. While you may think of sliders keeping your muddled visual content in place, you might be entirely wrong.

If the alignment isn’t precise, whatever you are going to display on the sliders are going to be nothing but chaotic let alone the tendency to communicate with your visitors. Hence, it is quite important to select a perfect WordPress slider.


As much as you may think of creating an amazing looking website with sliders, a wrong choice may even turn the table for you. Hence, it is always recommended to be alert and cautious while making your choices.

The WordPress slider that you choose should be able to give you the leniency of customization and freedom to alter whenever and however you would want. Not just that, a right slider even takes your website higher instead of bringing it down in numbers.

A precise slider shouldn’t be looking out of place either. So, make sure that you are cross-checking everything before you invest your time and money on any WordPress slider plugin.